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Why Not Take a Class……

…from an Instructor you know: Clatsop Online courses are taught by local instructors who also teach on-campus classes, so he or she has on-campus office hours and is easier to reach.

…that’s cheaper: Clatsop does not assess a distance ed fee for its online classes, so in many cases our online classes are as much as $80 cheaper than their Host/Provider counterparts.

…where you get more individual attention: In many cases Clatsop has smaller online class sizes so instructors are able to concentrate more time on each student..

…whose Course Management system is familiar and easy to use: Brightspace, our Course management system , is relatively user friendly and many instructors use Brightspace course shells as a supplement to their on-campus classes.

…where technical support is available locally: The Distance Ed office is open 8:30 – 5:00 Mon-Fri to answer questions, give technical support. Leave a message by email or phone after hours and someone will get back to you the following business day.

…where courses start and end the same time on-campus ones do.
See Kirsten Horning in the Distance Education Office for information.  Online courses fill quickly, so register early.      Phone: 503-338-2341  Email: Kirsten Horning  Campus location: Learning Resource Center (Library).

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