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If you cannot login to Blackboard, it may be because your system password has expired.  Blackboard logins are tied to students' system logins.  You can either update your password in a computer lab on-campus or fill out a Login Failure Report and return it to Computer Services.  The link to the Login Failure Report is found at the bottom of the Login Help Page

Some Washington students using Charter as their internet provider are unable to connect to  and MyCCC.   These students will receive the error message related to the page not loading. 

This is a problem neither with our network, nor with our servers.  It appears to be a fault within Charter’s network.  Computer Services is working with Charter in an attempt to isolate the problem and then, of course, get it fixed, but it really depends upon their willingness and ability to help.  At the moment, it appears to be nothing that we can fix here.  Washington students may need to find another way to login to the College or their MYCCC account not via Charter (i.e. local libraries, etc.)

That said, please implore your students to complain to Charter about the inability to get to our site from their home connections.  The more trouble tickets that Charter sees on this, the more likely they will be to devote resources to troubleshoot

Blackboard Maintenance Window 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM
Blackboard shuts down for system maintenance each morning at 5:00.  Please be aware that the maintenance window for this service is from 5:00 to 7:00 each morning.  Although the system will be available after 6:00 on most mornings, please understand that some mornings it may not be stable until 7:00.

Blackboard Login

Clatsop Students

1.) Your Blackboard Login

Your username will be your first initial + last name + last four digits of your seven-digit Clatsop Student ID#.  Your password will be your date of birth in the following format:  YYYYMMDDIf you have changed your password to login to the Computer Lab, use the changed password.  This is separate from your MYCCC account.

Example: For John Q. Student with Student ID# 000-1234 and date of birth January 31, 1991,  his username will be:  jstudent1234  and his password will be:  19910131 .

2.) Your Student Email

Blackboard will be using your personal email as the address to reach you electronically.  All messages sent to you from Blackboard will go to the email address you specified in MyCCC NOT to your former CCC student email. Please verify the personal email address you specified in MyCCC and check it often for messages from your instructors and fellow Blackboard students.  If you would like to specify a different email address please contact the Distance Education Office.

3.) Participate Right Away

Remember to login to your class and start participating right away.  Instructors will be taking student attendance the first week and the registrar's office will be doing an administrative drop of students who have not checked in  with the instructor and/or completed any assignments by Friday afternoon of the first week of class.

To login to Blackboard, click on the link below.

Blackboard Login                                                                                                 


Host Students

If you are a Clatsop student taking a class or classes taught by other than Clatsop instructors, follow this link for information about how to access your class. Remember, they login to a different webpage and use a different course management system, so you'll have to contact their technical support with any problems. If you have questions or are experiencing difficulties, contact the Distance Education office.


If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties, contact the Distance Education office or call (503) 338-2341.




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