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9/25 - 12/08/17

Below are the classes that are available for Fall Term:
Classes that are lined through are full.

Clatsop Classes Register until 9/29/17
BA214OL  Business Communication  4 cr  Prereq: COMPASS scores
BA285OL  Human Relations in Business  3 cr  Prereq: WR121
CJ212OL  Report Writing/ Criminal Justice  3 cr
CS131OL  Intro to Computer Info Systems  3 cr
EC202OL  Principles of Macro Economics  4 cr   
ENG107OL World Lit: The Ancient World  3 cr
FRP110OL  Firefighter Skills I  1 cr 
FRP111OL  Firefighter Skills II  1 cr  Prereq: FRP110
FRP112OL  Firefighter Skills III  1 cr  Prereq: FRP111
FRP113OL  Firefighter Skills IV  1 cr  Prereq: FRP112
FRP114OL  Firefighter Skills V  1 cr  Prereq: FRP113
FRP115OL  Firefighter Skills VI  1 cr  Prereq: FRP114
FRP156OL  Firefighter Law  1 cr  Prereq: instr. approval
FRP157OL  Princ. of Fire & Emergency Svc  1 cr  Prereq: instr. approval
HPE295OL  Health & Fitness for Life  3 cr Prereq: Meets on-campus twice
HST101OL  History of Western Civilization  3 cr
HST245OL  Lewis & Clark: Course of Discovery 3 cr
LIB127OL   Information Research Skills  1 cr
PE185PA/PBOL Personal Fitness  1 cr  Prereq: Meets on-campus twice
PE185RA/RBOL  Walking & Running for Fitness  1 cr  Prereq: Meets on-campus twice
PE185WA/WBOL Weight Training  1 cr  Prereq: Meets on-campus twice
PSY101OL  Psychology of Human Relations  3 cr
PSY201OL General Psychology  3 cr  Prereq: Strong reading/writing skills
PSY215OL Intro Developmental Psychology  3 cr  Prereq: PSY201, PSY202 or PSY203
PSY216OL Social Psychology  3 cr  Prereq: Strong reading/writing skills
SOC204OL  Introduction to Sociology   3 cr
WR121OL  English Composition  4 cr  Prereq: COMPASS scores
WR227OL  Technical Writing  4 cr  Prereq: WR121

For information about these courses - instructor, tuition, books, description and to register follow this
Class Schedule link.  They fill quickly, so register early!  You will have to verify ID before the online class starts. 

If you have questions about online classes and how they work, see Kirsten Horning in the Library.
Phone: 503- 338-2341    Email: Kirsten Horning    Location: Library Main Floor

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