Daily Class Cancelations


Daily Class Cancellations February 17

Michael Bunch Office Hour at 10:30, BI 212 will meet as a work day.

Pat Keefe: Office Hour at 1:30, PH 202 at 2:30

Nichole Warwick BI 234 at 1:30

All other classes will meet as scheduled, but check back closer to the time of your class for any updates.


Advanced Notice:


2/22 Kristen Freund










This page is provided as a service for students to check if any of their classes have been canceled today. This list is for information only, and the status of a class may change. This page will be updated as information arrives, so check it often. Although the college will attempt to keep this list current, it is not responsible for classes canceled but not listed.

This information may also be found via a recorded telephone message at 503-338-2309.

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February 17, 2017, 7:01 am
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