Credit for Prior Learning

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You can earn college credit by documenting knowledge and skills acquired through work experience, volunteer service, industry training, individual study, travel, and family and civic responsibilities.

Start by enrolling in CPL121 Intro to Credit for Prior Learning, which will give you an overview of the Credit for Prior Learning process and focuses on relating previous learning and experience to specific programs and courses at the college. Then register for the CPL122 Portfolio Development course, which will teach you how to develop a portfolio of your activities and emphasizes relating your learning and experience to the outcomes and content contained in course outlines. You can then submit your portfolio to Clatsop for evaluation and conferral of credits. Please note that in applying for credit, you must target specific courses, and that credit may be earned for learning equivalent to any approved vocational technical or transfer course offered at Clatsop. A maximum of 22 credits earned through development of your portfolio and six credits of CPL121 and CPL122 may be applied to an Associate Degree. There is a fee assessed for processing and reviewing your portfolio and tuition charged for credits granted.

The CPL courses are online courses taught by an instructor at another campus. You must have your own computer, internet service provider and web browser. Check the list of available online courses to see if the CPL121 or 122 will be offered this term.  Contact the Distance Learning Coordinator at (503) 338-2341 or  for information, permission to register, and information on having your portfolio evaluated.

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