Cooperative Work Experience

The cooperative work experience (CWE) is program that allows students to earn college credit for working in the community in a area related to the student's academic goals. Depending on the program, students can earn up to 18 credits on the job.

CWE280 is a course that allows the student to work at a job that involves similar aspects of his or her field of study. 


Benefits for Students 

  • Explore jobs & careers related to your college major
  • Earn academic credit to transfer or apply to degree/certificates
  • Get a starting point in the competitive job market
  • Apply what you learn in the classroom in a real-world setting
  • Gain confidence
  • Practice on the job skills and knowledge
  • Begin to build your resume with current work experience 
  • Begin to build your professional network in your chosen career field
  • Enhance your scholarship and university applications


REQUIREMENT: All work experience students are required to take a 1 credit work experience seminar for their first experience.  Please attend orientation for further information.  The seminar class will not be taught summer term. You can take this class fall term.  


REQUIREMENT: Every student new to work experience MUST attend an orientation session.

Please pick a time and location from the table below and complete the subsequent form to sign up for orientation. 

Thank you. 

Work Experience Orientation  


Wednesday, May 31st 

10am - 12pm

Please check back for

Columbia Hall room


Work Experience Orientation  

Tuesday, June 6th 

3:00 - 5:00pm

Please check back for

Columbia Hall room




Benefits for Employers 

  • Gain driven and enthusiastic employees
  • Pre-screen potential employees
  • Access students with related skills and knowledge
  • Have your input heard on college education and workforce training 

**Businesses interested in becoming involved with CWE, please click here


    Contact the Director of Cooperative Work Experience at (503) 338-2480 for registration information and orientation questions. 


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