Credit for Other Learning

At Clatsop, there are several ways a student can earn credit for other learning experiences they have had. Three of the most common ways for this to occur are listed below with links to additional information.


Other learning experiences you may have might also be eligible. Two of these include:
Transfer Credit
Coursework for which you earned a "C" or better grade from a regionally accredited institution may be accepted to meet degree or certificate requirements at Clatsop Community College. Transfer coursework, although it may be used to meet requirements, will not be included in your Clatsop Community College cumulative grade point average.
Continuing Education Units
The college works in conjunction with various professional associations and employers to offer continuing education units (CEUs) as a form of certification for the successful completion of specified occupational instruction. The CEU is a measure of the amount of professional upgrading instruction that you have successfully completed. Contact the Community Education office for more information about specific classes. You may not earn CEUs and academic credit for the same class. Therefore, you may not pay for classes awarding CEUs with financial assistance funds and CEUs do not count toward financial assistance satisfactory progress eligibility or toward degree completion.
If you have questions about your past learning, please contact the Office of Instruction at 503-338-2440.
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