Sociology is the scientific or critical study of society, or human groups whose behavior affects one-another.


As a discipline sociology is interested in nearly all aspects of groups behavior in humans. Individual sociologists usually specialize in certain aspects of human behavior that they find interesting or relevant to social questions and issues.


Among the more commonly studied topics studies by sociologists are:


  • Socio-economic class and how it affects the life course and chances of people within such systems.
  • Gender identity and gender relations.
  • How elements of identity such as race, ethnicity, gender, and age affect individuals interactions with others.
  • How culture and society interact and shape each other.
  • How the everyday behaviors and interactions of people shape society as a whole.

The sociology courses taught at Clatsop Community College are:


Soc 204: Introduction to Sociology

Soc 205: Social Issues

Soc 225: Global Problems

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