Political Science

What is Political Science?

Political science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior. Political science subfields include political theory, political philosophy, political ideology, political economy, policy studies and analysis, comparative politics, international relations, and a host of related fields.

Why Study Political Science?

Are you interested in American politics? International affairs? Critical issues such as health, the environment, civil rights? Theories concerning the ideal government and how power and resources are allocated in society? Political science students may pursue a wide range of careers in federal, state and local governments; law; business; international organizations; nonprofit associations and organizations; campaign management and polling; journalism; secondary and collegiate education; electoral politics; research and university and college teaching.

Courses in Political Science at Clatsop Community College are transferrable to other colleges and universities, and are included in the AAOT Oregon transfer degree as electives or for meeting part of the Social Science requirement.

Courses Offered:

PSC 201 American Government (emphasis on the Constitution, elections and federalism) offered every Fall

PSC 202 American Government (emphasis on policy making, political parties, and public opinion)  offered every Winter

PSC 203 State and Local Government - offered every Spring



Check course schedule for faculty assigned as your instructor.

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