Human Development

Clatsop Community College offers coursework in the personal aspects of Human Development. This is distinctly different from the Psychology of Human Development that is offered as a Psychology course.  In that course we discuss generalities related to human development from pre-natal phases through the process of advanced aging.


Human Development coursework as an area is aimed instead at aiding your personal progression as you pursue the goals that you value.  Courses include, College Skills (HD 050), College Survival & Success (HD 100), Career Planning (HD 110), Coping Skills for Stress and Depression (HD 145), Life Transitions (HD 202), and Get the Job You Want (HD 209). 


Descriptions of these courses can be found on the online course catalog that is located by under the academics tab on the college home page.  These courses appear on page 107 and 108 of that catalog.

In order to view these documents (.pdf) you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

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