Sustainable Energy

These classes prepare individuals for work in the sustainable energy trade with an emphasis on the growing fields of energy conservation and renewable energy production. Students gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and work habits regarding basic power generation principles, instrumentation, care and maintenance, and process controls.

This practical online course investigates sustainability as it relates to energy resources including oil, gas, coal, nuclear, hydrogen, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, wave. Students evaluate technologies appropriate for reliability, economy, scale, EROEI, impact, conservation and efficiency. The final project empowers each student to use what they've learned in an actual personal or local application.

This course engages entry level/beginning students with the equipment, methods, and formulas for analyzing buildings' HVAC (Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning) systems, either for their own home or business, or as a first step on a career path, e.g. BPI (Building Performance Institute), Building Analyst certification or other license. (Most states also require electrical licensure to perform wiring and some troubleshooting functions.)
Students check indoor air quality (leakage, pollutants & moisture), evaluate the envelope (foundation, walls, roof, doors & windows), check insulation, weatherization, heating/cooling, lighting and appliances, and learn trouble shooting methods for increasing efficiency, comfort, safety and durability of air and energy systems in homes and commercial buildings.




For more information about the classes please contact Lucien Swerdloff at 503-338-2301.

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