Small Business Management


How’s Business ?!?

          Could it improve ?

          Could you make more money ?

          Could you have more fun ?!?


What is the Small Business Management Program?

     The Most Effective Business Education Program Ever Designed!

Why Is It So Effective?

The Small Business Management Program is a unique combination of all the best components:


  •      Business Friendly
  •      Non-Academic
  •      Class Each Month
  •      Custom Tailored


  •      Peer to Peer Education
  •      Networking with Other Businesses


  •      Monthly Onsite Facilitates Execution
  •      Theory AND Results
  •      Custom Tailored

DURATION (3 Years)

  •      Requires a Commitment
  •      Time to Build Trust Facilitates Real Improvement

The Result?!?     >>> Achieve Your Goals !!!


Who is Eligible?

You are eligible to apply for enrollment is the Small Business Management Program if you:

  1.    Are the owner of an established business,
  2.    Are willing to commit time for classes and on-site visits,
  3.    Are willing to accept and try new ideas.



  •    Improved Sales
  •    Improved Profits
  •    Improved Cash Flow
  •    Improved Records
  •    Improved Acquisition & Retention of Customers
  •    Improved Operations
  •    Improved Training
  •    Improved Relations with Employees
  •    Improved Use of Time
  •    Improved Relations with Bankers, Attorneys, Accountants, & Consultants.
  •    Improved Vision/Goals
  •    More Fun!!!


Potential Outcomes?

Specific outcomes a business owner might decide to seek during the Program include:


General Management/Leadership

  •    Create & articulate a business vision.
  •    Work increasingly ON the business as visionary & manager.
  •    Not merely working IN the business as a technician.
  •    Understand the importance of the planning process.
  •    Set specific, measurable goals.
  •    Develop strategies action plans.
  •    Determine critical success factors.
  •    Allocate resources appropriately.
  •    Develop an exit strategy.

Financial Management

  •    Accurate & current records.
  •    Analyze timely financial reports.
  •    Prepare & manage sales forecasts.
  •    Prepare & manage cash budget & cash flow projections.
  •    Track & analyze key financial indicators.
  •    Structure debt effectively.

Marketing Management

  •    Find & keep customers profitably.
  •    Develop & implement a custom marketing plan.
  •    Establish a compelling “value proposition”.
  •    Implement marketing strategies.
  •    Apply proven sales & presentation techniques.

Human Resource Management

  •    Write & utilize an employee manual.
  •    Create an organization chart.
  •    Develop & implement a staffing plan.
  •    Implement hiring, training, & termination procedures.

Operations Management

  •    Develop internal systems to ensure product/service quality.
  •    Develop internal systems to ensure customer satisfaction & profitability.
  •    Set benchmarks for critical functions.
  •    Evaluate progress, & make necessary adjustments.
  •    Write an operations manual.

What Will It Cost?

No doubt, you are saying to yourself, “This sounds great! I’d like a chance to exchange ideas with other business owners, learn more about profitable business management, and receive personalized business attention. But hiring consultants to do all that could cost literally thousands of dollars. Can I afford the Small Business Management Program?!?”


Yes! You can afford the Small Business Management Program. Call (503) 338-2402 to find the surprisingly low cost.

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July 16, 2015, 2:17 pm
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