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Clatsop Community College's English Department provides quality instruction in the areas of writing and literature.  We also create enrichment learning opportunities for our students and offer cultural events for all of Clatsop County.








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Julie Brown, MFA, PhD

composition, writing children's books, technical writing, English literature, world literature, Gothic literature, autism in literature.



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Nancy Cook, MFA

composition, poetry writing, writing creative nonfiction, introduction to literature, minority literature, magazine editing/publishing.







Content Areas





After taking a placement exam, students enter the writing sequence at the appropriate level for their skills and career goals.  We offer standard composition courses ranging from remedial English (WR 40) through advanced composition (WR 123).  Other writing courses provide added enrichment opportunities in the areas of creative writing, professional editing, and technical writing.  Some of these courses are offered online.



The English department also offers a wide variety of literature classes.  We carry the traditional three-term literature sequences of Introduction to Literature, World Literature, and, English Literature.  We also give students the opportunity to sample an engaging and diverse sampling of literature in innovative courses such as Literature of the Pacific Northwest, Minority Literature, Autism in Literature, Literature of the Sea, and Gothic Literature.  We occasionally offer courses in film studies as well.



While we do not have a journalism department, we do offer students an introduction to newspaper writing and editing.  JR215 is a two-credit course allowing students to work on the school newspaper, The Bandit.  Students produce two newspapers each term.  For more information, contact



Faculty from the English department have offered a wide range of courses in the humanities, including Greek & Irish culture, The Civil Rights Movement, Ethnicity in Astoria, and others.  Topics change from year to year. Consult current schedule for offerings.






Enrichment Opportunities




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Writing Lab

Bernie Wood hosts the department's Writing Lab, a free drop-in tutoring service for all students, especially those enrolled in writing classes.  The Writing Lab is located in Columbia Hall 115B.  Hours vary each term.  For more information, call Bernie at 338-2519 or contact




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The Bandit

Students write and edit The Bandit, our college newspaper, in JR215, taught by Bernie Wood.  The paper usually comes out twice each term.





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Rain Magazine

For over 30 years, CCC has published Rain Magazine, the north coast's premier literature and arts journal.  Faculty advisor Nancy Cook teaches WR 270, the course in which student editors select materials, edit, and produce this beautiful publication. 




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Fisher Poets Gathering

Every year in late February, fisher poets from around the world gather in Astoria for the annual Fisher Poets Gathering, a three-day celebration of the maritime industries and culture.  Poets, storytellers, musicians, and artists showcase their work for the public.  This event is co-sponsored by CCC, with leadership provided by Nancy Cook and Florence Sage.



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