See tabs below for Brightspace login instructions and navigation.

If you try to login and you get a message that your username or password is incorrect, contact  Kirsten Horning for help. 
(503) 338-2341

Trying to Login?
After choosing one of the Brightspace login links above, enter your username and password (see below) and select login.

To be consistent with other campus logins,


Students admitted before  6/15/20, email address = first initial + last name + last four digits of your Clatsop

Students admitted after 6/15/20, email address = first name.last name (if you have two last names, use the second one)

Your Office 365 password = capital A@ + your date of birth in the YYYYMMDD format , ie.  A@YYYYMMDD, unless you have already changed it in Office 365.

Example: John Q. Student has ID# 000-1234 and date of birth January 31, 1991, his username will be either: or depending on when he was admitted (see above).  His password will be:  A@19910131  if he has not already changed his Office 365 password.

Brightspace will be using your student email as the address to reach you electronically.  All messages sent to you from Brightspace will go to your CCC student email.  See information on how to access your account on the Login Help page or on your Brightspace home page. Please check your email account often for messages from your instructors and fellow Brightspace students. 

Remember to login to your class and start participating right away. Instructors will be taking student attendance the first week and the registrar's office will be doing an administrative drop of students who have not checked in with the instructor and/or completed any assignments by Friday afternoon of the first week of class.

Brightspace shuts down for system maintenance and upgrades on the second Saturday of each month, from 10:00 pm Saturday - 4:00 am Sunday.  Please be aware that the system will not be available at this time.  Make sure to clear your browsing history during that time to avoid difficulties logging in after the maintenance period.

Here are a few handy checklists adapted from lists shared with us by Portland Community College.  They can help students keep track of the important details and tasks that need to be completed each term.  Visit these checklists regularly to ensure that you are on track to succeed.

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties, contact the Distance Education office or call (503) 338-2341.
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Campus Safety

Login Change

Starting Monday, November 9th
your Brightspace login will change.

  • Username
    To be consistent with other Clatsop logins, your username will be your full student email address (prior Brightspace username plus
  • Password
    Your password will be your student email/Office 365 password (default A@YYYYMMDD where YYYYMMDD is your date of birth in that format. Remember, if you have changed your password from the default format, that will be reflected in your Brighthspace password.)

If you have questions about the format for your username or your password, don’t hesitate to email