Accounting Technician

Accounting is more than “number crunching,” it is about understanding how money flows through a business or organization. Students in the Accounting Technician program learn to master the complex nature of a business’ balance sheet, tax filing or credit reconciliation. They also learn the critical communication skills needed to explain this information to colleagues and supervisors. Our students must also understand other parts of a business, and they study marketing, management and human relations. Students also learn the latest in computerized accounting technology.

Our graduates currently work in all sectors of the regional economy. Many start as bookkeepers, and accounting clerks and use their education to move up. Employers in Clatsop and Pacific Counties help shape our Accounting program and they value our graduates.

Average wages for Accounting Technicians in our region range from $12.25 to $20 per hour.

Accounting for Business Pathways Certificate Program  
Length of training:  approximately 12 months
Roadmap for Accounting for Business

Entry Level Accounting Clerk Pathways Certificate Program

Length of training;  approximately 9 months
Roadmap for Entry Level Accounting Clerk

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Take the COMPASS placement evaluation (You will be prompted to register online for the COMPASS through online admissions. For more information about the COMPASS Placement Evaluation click here).
  3. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor (If you need help identifying your advisor contact the Student Services Center at 503-338-2411 or email). 
  4. Register for Classes.

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