Strategic Goals and Objectives 2009-2012

Strategic Goals and Objectives 2009-2012
Board Approved 7/09

Be the primary provider of post-secondary education for the citizens of Clatsop County

  • Increase non-traditional student enrollment in reimbursable-FTE instruction
  • Increase direct high school enrollment in reimbursable-FTE instruction
  • Work with educational and community partners to decrease the percentage of students needing remediation; while increasing the participation in, and effectiveness of, remediation and preparatory coursework for those students who do not require it   
  • Increase the proportion of students who are enrolled in a program
  • Increase degree/certificate completion among students who are enrolled in a program
  • Increase enrollment in Community and Continuing Education (Life-long Learning) that focuses on community interests and needs
  • Develop new programs and/or retool existing programs to respond to the educational and work training needs and interests of our community

Provide a supportive and productive work and learning environment for employees and students

  • Maintain a campus culture that embodies the Core Values we profess
  • Maintain a physical campus that attracts students, empowers employees, and encourages learning
  • Develop and implement policies and practices that encourage constructive communication and engagement (eliminate those that impede this)

Be a primary participant in the development of a strong economic future for Clatsop County

  • Provide improved service to business and workforce-related community
  • Provide Increased employment and economic opportunity for CCC graduates

Increase the role of private investment in the college’s resource base

  • Develop increased annual and endowment-based financial support
  • Define clear roles for and relationship between Foundation and College
  • Increase employee support for the College through Foundation giving
  • Develop and implement a strategy for sustained effort in grant writing
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