Working with Youth Workshops

Clatsop Community College is offering a variety of classes designed to help teachers and those who work with youth the skills they can use now to be more effective. Although these classes were set up for teachers, anyone who works with youth will benefit.

Fast Spanish for Educators/ June 24—July 29 / 8:30-10:30 am

Immerse yourself in an overview of basic Spanish phrases with emphasis on developing a basic vocabulary for teachers and school administrators. Emphasis is placed on pronunciation, role playing and commands.  Learn to speak job-specific and conversational Spanish.  No prior experience is necessary. This course is a non-traditional approach to language learning resulting in proficiency in a short time frame. Cost:  $99 + optional $35 for 1.0 CEU. Cost includes book which is also good for Spanish for Educators Level 1 & 2.   Location: Towler 308.   Instructor: Dolores Villereal

Autism Basics / July 9 & 10 / 8:00 am—1:00 pm

The characteristics of autism include deficits in communication, social judgment, cognitive abilities, the skill to organize and sequence information, as well as a tendency to exhibit a restricted repertoire of ritualistic behaviors, and profound sensory and perception problems.  Cost:  $59 + optional $35 for 1.0 CEU.  Location: Art Building, Room 101. Instructor: Jackie Bergerson

Dealing With Challenging Classroom Behaviors / July 16 & 17 / 8:00 am—1:00 pm

This course is designed to give participants effective tools to deal with challenging student behavior.  It provides a framework to help school staff understand what students are trying to communicate through the "language" of their behavior.  Topics covered include behavioral techniques and intervention strategies that remediate disruptive behaviors, reduce power struggles while increasing classroom control, reduce educator workload, and help prevent burnout.  After successfully completing this course, school staff will be better equipped to find and implement creative, effective solutions to behavioral problems.  Cost:  $59 + optional $35 for 1.0 CEU.   Location: Art Building, Room 101. Instructor: Maggie Shumaker

Youth Mental Health First Aid/ July 23 & 24 / 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

This class is designed to give participants key skills to help an adolescent who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.  The course covers a range of common disorders and potential crises such as helping a young person who is having a panic attack, is contemplating suicide or is struggling with substance abuse.  Cost:  $59 + optional $35 for 1.0 CEU.   Location: Art Building, Room 101.   Instructor: Sumuer Watkins

Registration is now open for the summer term at Clatsop Community College. To register go to and search under Course Title or call 503-325-2402.

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