Teatro Milagro Performs B'aktun 13 at PAC

Clatsop Community College is proud to announce B’aktun 13, a Teatro Milagro bilingual play, Friday, March 16, 7 PM at the Performing Arts Center, 16th & Franklin. This performance is free and all are welcome. For information, please call 503-338-2557 or 503-338-2460.

Three Latinos swept up in an ICE raid and deported to Mexico are suddenly immersed into indigenous cultural experiences.  As they are drawn into prophecies surrounding B’aktun 13, the final era in the Mayan calendar, will the world change on December 21, 2012?  Or will they?

In B’aktun 13 themes of acceptance and unification unfold to remedy the impending doomsday through a narrative of three main characters deported to Mexico.  While the spiritual side of the ancient prophecy fills plenty of space along the plotline, contemporary issues of immigration, assimilation and identity hit even more powerfully and poignantly than the thought of a world that may be no more. –Emilee Booher, Willamette Week

The possibility of a way home leads them to the Yucatán, where they encounter Mayan deities, jaguars and visions of the Earth flooding.  Rio, gender queer, Luz, a Mayan and Sal, a DREAM Act hopeful, struggle with their personal demons as Ixchel, goddess of water and moon, and Ahpuch, god of death, lead them deeper into a mythological universe.  A hurricane changes the course of their journey, sending them into uncharted lands.  Time revolves like a Mayan calendar and Rio, Luz and Sal must return to face the consequences of their past as they approach the uncertainties of their future.

B’aktun 13 is written by Teatro Milagro Artistic Director Dañel Malán, through collected dialogs from immigrant students and research from travels through Chiapas and the Yucatán.  Matthew Zrebski, noted collaborator of new works, directs.  Lighting design is by Katelan Braymer and sound design by Rory Merritt Stitt.  Daniel Moreno, Ajai Terrazas-Tripathi and Tricia Castañeda-Gonzales are the three actors portraying Rio, Sal and Luz, the three deported immigrants.

This B’aktun 13 performance is part of the college’s year-long Bridging Cultures Initiative, and is made possible by the Clatsop Community College Spanish Department, Library and Adult Literacy Program; and a generous grant from the Autzen Foundation.

Please direct inquiries to: Eileen Purcell, 503-338-2557 or Candice Watkins, 503-338-2460.
Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution. ADA accessible: for other accommodations call 503-338-2474; TDD 503-338-2468 at least 24 hours in advance of the event.


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