Sustainable Energy Technician Program Launches This Winter At CCC

Enroll now for winter term in Clatsop Community College’s newest program—Sustainable Energy Technician.

The Sustainable Energy Technician certificate or degree will prepare students for an entry-level career in a broad array of green occupations across a variety of diverse industries. An SET graduate will possess the knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and heating/cooling systems within the framework of sustainability and green technology.
Moreover, those who complete the program will possess technical skills that are easily transferrable and adaptable to various green jobs, and be able to demonstrate good work readiness – such as accountability, communication skills, and teamwork. CCC’s one-year Sustainable Energy Technician Certificate is aligned with the statewide, one-year Oregon Green Tech Certificate.

Research suggests that many of the current industries important to Oregon’s economy will continue to develop and deploy green practices in their work places. WorkSource Oregon reports that Oregon has over 51,000 green jobs and that about 2/3 of all green jobs pay $15 or more per hour. Additionally, their reports show that about 1/3 of green jobs require some kind of special license or certificate. “The Green workforce is growing everyday and it is important that post-secondary education keep up with the demand for solid coursework related to sustainable energy,” says Kristen Wilkin, Dean of Workforce Education and Training at CCC. “Clatsop Community College is excited to be able to partner with MTC Works to offer this program which will assist both the incumbent workforce and those going through a job change in our community.”

In addition to regular admission procedures at Clatsop Community College, there is a special application process that students complete before they are admitted into the program. “Students must go through our welcome process to get registered into our system,” says Kimberly Ward of MTC Works. “This includes an initial registration, an initial skills review, an I-Match Completion, and a one-on-one debriefing.” Additionally, students must fill out an MTC Works Scholarship Application and take a Computer Skills Assessment. Upon completion of the scholarship application and assessments, the students are invited to an orientation at a local MTC Works office location before the start of class.

To lead students through this program, the College has recently appointed Christopher Paddon as instructor. Mr. Paddon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from San Jose State University and a Master of Arts in Humanities and Leadership from New College of California. He taught Industrial Design at the college level for several years, worked as a Solar Energy Technician, served as Director of Mechanical Design with IDE Inc., Scotts Valley, California and is the founder and co-owner of Titanic Lifeboat Academy based out of Astoria. Additionally, Mr. Paddon has operated a consulting business for renewable energy in the area since 2005.

“I'm very excited about my new position. It will enable me to share with others all the positive opportunities I see in the field of renewable energy for our community and our state,” says Paddon. “It's encouraging that so many Oregon community colleges are involved, together, in this effort. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with the students in this important new program.”

Classes begin this winter at Clatsop Community College in this new and exciting program! Contact Kimberly Ward of MTC Works to get started with the special admissions process and apply for available MTC Works scholarships.

For general information about the program, please email Kristen Wilkin or call 503-338-7696.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

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