Students and Volunteers Open CCC Campus Trail

Upward Bound students at Clatsop Community College, along with community volunteers from the CCC Trail Committee, have completed the first phase of trail restoration that could eventually link Astoria’s River Walk to the Astoria Column and Cathedral Tree trail system.

Under the leadership of CCC board member Jim Scheller, volunteers completed a previously closed section of the CCC campus trail.

Project participants included: Upward Bound students McKenzie Peters, Jessica Morrow, Cecilia Giles, Gracie Ogren, Samuel Wittman, Brianna Lamping, Yasmine Mahon, Taylee Gittins, Dani Sellars, and Will Leroux; Program staff Stephen Tokarski, Moria Golub, Robert McClelland and Ben Chambers; and community volunteers Matt Crichton, Jamie Attig and Bob Goldberg. Technical assistance was provided by Andy Rasmussen, National Park Service Ranger from Ft. Clatsop.

Work accomplished in early July included stabilizing and re-graveling the trail segment that connects Jerome Avenue to the CCC east parking area. This work allowed the College to re-open this trail that had been closed for safety reasons. The group also worked to improve the upper segment of the trail linking the CCC campus to the Astoria Column. Invasive species and litter were removed along both segments.

Future plans include additional trail improvements, the installation of interpretive and safety signing and the construction of safety and vehicle barriers. Once completed, visitors and residents alike will be able to hike from the RiverWalk to the Astoria Column, enjoying and learning about the local environment. This work supports a key goal of the CCC Trail Committee - - To promote a vision for creating a forest/trail network for greater Astoria. It also contributes to the College’s vision of an open and welcoming campus with access for the community by creating a nature trail experience for pedestrians.

Future trail restoration and improvement is dependent on funding received through grants and contributions. Contributions to support this project can be sent to: Trails - CCC Foundation, 1651 Lexington Avenue, Astoria, OR 97103.

Students and volunteers clear trail and add new gravel.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

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