Start Thinking About Summer Classes At CCC

Clatsop County’s recent cold weather has us all dreaming of summer on the North Coast. Clatsop Community College has been planning how the summer can also support your educational career goals.

The College’s summer term, which formally starts June 20 and ends August 11, will include a variety of learning opportunities for credit. Students who are home for the summer or those who want to accelerate progress toward a Clatsop degree can begin choosing from the list of courses planned for the summer. Click here for the list.

These summer courses are offered in a variety of ways, including online, in short 4 to 6 week concentrated format, as pre-term workshops, and for the full 8-week term. The specific scheduled date and times will be available in early April.

NOW is the time to file your 2011-2012 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at You can use estimated 2010 income and tax information to file ASAP. The 2011-2012 FAFSA covers the academic year that begins with this summer.

The courses on the following list are subject to cancelation due to low enrollment, instructor availability, or budget constraints. Other courses may be added to the schedule:
ANT103      Intro: Cultural Anthropology
ART132    Introduction To Drawing II
ART206    History of Western Art III
ART232    Drawing: Intermediate II
ART270    Introduction To Printmaking I  
ART273    Printmaking: Intermediate I
BA101    Introduction To Business
BA211    Principles Of Accounting I
BA212    Principles Of Accounting II
BA213    Principles Of Accounting III
BA249    Retailing
BLDXXX    Historic Preservation Workshops (TBA)
CH104    Introductory Chemistry
CH104L    Introductory Chemistry-Lab
CJ101    Introduction To Criminology    
CS131    Intro-Computer Info Systems
DCO10    ABE-Reading/Writing
DCO22    Practical Communications
DESL01    English/Speakers Other Languages
DGED48    Pre-GED Preparation
DGED49    GED Preparation
DMTH07    ABE: Mathematics
DWR31    Paragraph Writing
EC201    Principles Of Economics
EC202    Principles of Economics
ENG104    Intro to Literature-Fiction
ENG221    Intro to Children's Literature      
GS109    Physical Science-Meteorology
GS112    Chemistry and Cell Biology for Allied Health
GS112L    Chemistry and Cell Biology for Allied Health Lab
HM 120    Hazwoper Training (24 hr)
HPE295    Health and Fitness For Life
HS101    Alcohol Use, Abuse & Addiction
HS102    Drug Use, Abuse & Addiction
HST202    History of The United States
HUM 299    Introduction to Political Philosophy
HZM963201    Hazwoper Recertification Training (8 hr)
MAS120    US Coast Guard Marine License
MAS121    Able Seaman Training
MAS122    OUPV Training
MAS123    100-Ton Master Training
MAS124    200-ton Master Training
MAS130    Radar Obsrvr: Orignl Endrsmnt
MAS133    ARPA Training  
MAS135    STCW Basic Safety Training
MAS138    STCW Proficiency/Survival Crft
MAS139    STCW Basic Firefighting
MAS144    STCW Advanced Firefighting
MAS147    Vessel Regulations
MAS148    Vessel Stability
MAS164    Introduction to Navigation
MAS167    Celestial Navigation
MAS168    Charts, Aids Navigation & Compass
MAS170    Marine Weather, Tides, Current
MAS171    Coastal Navigation & Voyage Planning
MAS172    Ocean Navigation & Voyage Planning
MAS175    Rules Of The Road
MAS963203    Visual Communications (Flashing Light)
MIC145    Intro to Integrated Software
MTH060    Pre-Algebra III
MTH070    Algebra - Beginning
MTH095    Algebra - Intermediate
MTH111    College Algebra
MTH243    Intro: Probability & Statistics
MTH244    Intro: Probability & Statistics       
MTH251    Calculus I  
MUP180    Individual Lessons - Guitar
MUP280    Individual Lessons - Guitar
MUS105    Music Appreciation
NFM225    Human Nutrition
NUR050    Basic Nursing Skills
NUR050L    Basic Nursing Skills-Lab
NUR050L    Basic Nursing Skills-Lab
NUR109    Nursing: Focus on Mental Health
NUR109L    Nursing: Focus/Mental Health-Lab
NUR111    Nursing Concepts/Clinical Practicum
NUR9461    Certified Nursing Assistant
OA120    Computer Keyboarding
OA121    Keyboarding I
OA124    Keyboarding Skill Building
OA131    10-Key Skillbuilding
OA201    Word Processing Procedures I
OA202    Word Processing Procedures II
PE185HA    Hatha Yoga-Begin.
PE185HB    Hatha Yoga-Inter.
PHL102    Ethics
PSY101    Psychology of Human Relations
PSY202    General Psychology
PSY215    Intro: Developmental Psychology
RD080    Preparation/College Reading I
RD090    Preparation/College Reading II
SOC204    General Sociology: Intro
SP111    Fundamentals Public Speaking           
WLD100    Materials Processing
WLD101    Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WLD102    Gas Metal Arc Welding
WLD103    Flux Core Arc Welding
WLD104    Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WLD150    Beginning Welding
WLD160    Intermediate Welding
WLD170    Advanced Welding
WLD190    Welding Certification Preparation
WR040    English Fundamentals
WR115    Intro to College Writing
WR121    English Composition-Exposition
WR122    English Composition-Argument
WR123    English Composition-Research Writing
WR227    Technical Report Writing
WR249    Writing Children's Books     

For more information call Tom Gill, Dean of Learning, at 503-325-2368.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution. ADA accessible: for other accommodations call 503-338-2474; TDD 503-338-2468.

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