Spring Term Academic Honors Announced

Clatsop Community College is proud to announce the following students have been recognized for their superior academic achievement during Spring Term.

The Dean's List recognizes students completing 12 or more graded credits and achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 to 4.00. Honor Roll status recognizes students completing 12 or more graded credits and achieving a GPA of 3.5 to 3.74.

Jamie Attig, Astoria OR
Melissa Bailey, Westport OR
Jonathan Barrere, Kirkland WA
Joyce Benson, Astoria OR
Georgina Bowen, Astoria OR
Mishelle Brierley, Astoria OR
Danielle Brown, Astoria OR
Erick Campisi, Hammond OR
Charles Capps, Hammond OR
Adam Casillas, Astoria OR
Jennifer Challis, Long Beach WA
Joshua Corder, Astoria OR
James Davies, Warrenton OR
Tamara Davis, Astoria OR
Christopher Dolter, Astoria OR
Christopher Dorr, Warrenton OR
Curtis Fairless, Seaside OR
Tad Falk, Astoria OR
Shaun Ford, Warrenton OR
Joel Gillotti, Astoria OR
Brittney Haddon, Gearhart OR
Jameala Hagens, Astoria OR
Colleen Hayes, Beaverton OR
Rusty Hebert, Astoria OR
Erick Hernandez, Seaside OR
Richard Hiebert, Astoria OR
Gregory Hightower, Nehalem WA
Ken Homer, Astoria OR
Joel Homolac, Astoria OR
Wesley Humphries, Warrenton OR
Evan Janac, Nehalem WA
Emily Johnson, Brownsmead OR
Daniel Kallunki, Clatskanie OR
Lanie Kary, Ilwaco WA
Kathie Kazlauskas-Plum, Astoria OR
Jennifer Keating, Astoria OR
Donn Kittrell, Warrenton OR
Amy Leinweber, Astoria OR
Jeannie Leonard-Waller, Astoria OR
Melanie Lessard, Astoria OR
Rebecca Lloyd, Astoria OR
Shelby Lofton, Hammond OR
Audrey Magallon, Astoria OR
Marshall Maier, Warrenton OR
Sara Marineau, Astoria OR
Rachel Marriott, Astoria OR
Donya McClenahan, Seaside OR
Raylene McGuire, Westport OR
Donald Merrell, Astoria OR
Crystal Miller, Astoria OR
Rachelle Millsaps, Astoria OR
Janet Mossman, Warrenton OR
Kimberly Murry, Astoria OR
Jeremy Mustard, Ocean Park WA
Benjamin Neuenfeldt, Warrenton OR
Krystal Norberg, Astoria OR
Christopher Park, Seaside OR
Robert Plant, Clatskanie OR
David Porter, Astoria OR
Alicia Quick, Astoria OR
Marcos Rincon, Astoria OR
Jason Schuster, Cannon Beach OR
Lance Smith, Astoria OR
William Steinweg, Birkenfeld OR
Robert Stewart, Wilsonville OR
Thomas Stewart, Astoria OR
Samantha Sweetser, Port Angeles WA
Virginia Thomas, Astoria OR
Gary Trenner, Astoria OR
Alisa Vernon, Astoria OR
Eric Waller, Cannon Beach OR
Makayla Watson, Warrenton OR
Timothy Wilder, Astoria OR
Nickolas Williams, Astoria OR
Michael Wittmann, Astoria OR
Michael Woodruff, Warrenton OR
Timothy Worley, Portland OR
Joshua Young, Warrenton OR
Kyle Yunker, Long Beach WA

Courtney Adams, Astoria OR
Jason Barber, Pleasant Hill CA
Bren Bletscher, Gearhart OR
Noah Bushing, Seaside OR
Heather Calvert, Warrenton OR
Danielle Cederberg, Warrenton OR
Brandon Condon, Astoria OR
Aurelia Cruz, Seaside OR
Alana Darcher, Naselle WA
William Douglas, Warrenton OR
Travis Gaydos, Astoria OR
Kevin Glegor, Astoria OR
Helen Johnson, Astoria OR
Ellie Johnson Astoria OR
Michael Jones, St. Helens OR
Gary Jordan-Doughty, Warrenton OR
Jennifer Kaplan, Seaside OR
Delpha Krabbe, Warrenton OR
Angela Lemas, Warrenton OR
Sarah Levoy, Astoria OR
John Long, Astoria OR
Joseph Lords, Astoria OR
Natashaw Merculief, Astoria OR
Hoang Nguyen, Astoria OR
Wade Padgett, Astoria OR
Marilisa Pena, Astoria OR
Hayden Petersen, Astoria OR
Daniel Pietila, Warrenton OR
Matthew Powers, Astoria OR
Adrian Simons-Wilson, Olympia WA
Jessica Strever, Ilwaco WA
Noah Tipton, Warrenton OR
Sheena Vandermeulen, Chinook WA
Genevieve Zamora, Astoria OR
Mitchell Zschoche, Astoria OR

Please direct inquiries to: Chris Ousley, 503-338-2326.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

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