Solar Power At CCC's Jerome Ave. Campus

The power-producing network that employs the rooftop solar panels on Clatsop Community College’s Towler Hall is now operational.

The system has the potential to generate 42.5 kW of power for Towler Hall.

Clatsop Community College has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the company SolarCity and their investors. According to the company’s website, SolarCity is the nation's leading full-service solar provider for homeowners, businesses and government organizations—the first company to provide solar power system design, financing, installation and monitoring services from a single source.

SolarCity installed the net metering system and will maintain it for fifteen years. The PPA allows for CCC to utilize clean, solar power electricity. The College purchases the power generated by the system at the approximately same rate they pay the power company. Yet, when the system generates more power than Towler Hall requires it spins the power company’s meter backwards saving the College energy costs. For their part, the investors benefit from the large federal energy tax credits that CCC, as a public institution, is not eligible to receive.

Click here to track the output and historical data of the power-producing solar panel arrays.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

Image of rooftop solar panels

Solar panels atop Clatsop Community College’s Towler Hall. The power-producing network of rooftop solar panels is now operational. Photo by David rr Homer.

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