Sirchie Fingerprint Laboratories Training

Clatsop Community College is accepting registrations for a one-time training, Evidence Collection Techniques Training, by the trainers from Sirchie Fingerprint Laboratories.

The training will include:
• Powder Processing (Oxide, Metallic, Combination, and Magnetic powders)
• Lifting Devices (Tape, Hinge Liftersand Accu Trans)
• Chemical Processing (Iodine, DFO, Ninhydrin and Silver Nitrate)
• Casting / Footwear (Developing footwear impression & lifting techniques, Casting of footwear in Biofoam and Electrostatic Dust Print Recovery
• Small Particle Reagent (Processing on wet surfaces and Lifting SPR developed prints on wet & dry surfaces)
• Fuming with Cyanoacrylate (CyanoWand fuming and Fuming with Liquid Cyanoarcylate)
• Adhesive Side Powder Processing (Processing techniques and Preserving developed prints)

This is a 20-hour, 100% hands-on, refresher course for law enforcement, forensic crime scene investigators, crime scene educators, and those in the crime scene processing field.

The training takes place Friday, April 29th through Sunday, May 1st at CCC’s main campus in Astoria, OR. Cost for this training is $300 per registrant and includes all supplies.

Interested parties must register through CCC Criminal Justice Instructor Joanie Dybach at 503-338-2331. Pre-registration before March 4th is required. Space is limited to twenty participants.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution. ADA accessible.

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