Paul Rutz Exhibit and Workshop at Clatsop Community College Art Center

Clatsop Community College (CCC) will open its exhibition season with a show entitled Athletic Measures by artist Dr. Paul Rutz of Portland, OR.

An artist reception will be held on Thursday, October 10 at 6:00 p.m. in the CCC Art Center Gallery, 1799 Lexington Avenue, Astoria, OR. The show continues through November 7. Both the artist reception and exhibit are free and open to the public. The CCC Art Center Gallery is open from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and on weekends and holidays by appointment.

Dr. Rutz was selected to exhibit in the 2013 international juried Au Naturel competition by juror Clint Brown, Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University, and also offered the coveted prize of a solo exhibit at the CCC Art Center Gallery.

Rutz has an impressive and extremely diverse background.  Graduating from the Naval Academy in 2001 with an English major and Spanish minor, he went on to earn a Master’s degree in British and American Literature from George Mason University eight months later, and then served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kennedy. While in the Naval Reserve, he danced with various small ballet groups. After working as a reporter/photographer for the Pentagon’s press service, he went back to school to study imagery in American culture, completing a Ph.D. dissertation in Visual Theory on art and the Iraq war in spring 2011. “Throughout those times I used the practice of painting to digest the stagecraft around me, earning gallery representation and solo shows, and eventually taking on painting as a vocation,” he writes.

Dr. Rutz has created new paintings specifically for this solo show in which he works with “a two-part rule: measure and move.” This approach echoes the intention of Cézanne as described by French phenomenological philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty, as an exploration of the interplay between “the stable things which we see and the shifting way in which they appear.” Rutz builds multiple perspectives into his work, which simulates the natural visual fluctuations of human perception, unlike the static, monocular method of Renaissance perspective that immobilizes objects by dictating absolute positions in space. “With each spot of canvas I paint, I move my head to a new location. Working with a live model I measure every body part—every toe, collar bone, and eyeball—rendering them on canvas exactly the same size as in life. These body parts stack together in unfamiliar ways, and through the process of connecting them I find myself newly aware of the artifice necessary to make these pictures look something like the breathing, moving people whose presence provokes them. This is one small way of seeing outside of Renaissance perspective,” he writes.

Dr. Rutz will also conduct a workshop entitled “Embracing Messy Beginnings (with a Live Model)” on Friday, October 11 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. during which he will share his own unique process of working with a live model with workshop participants.  As he explains, “Painting often involves a mazelike negotiation between what we plan to paint and what we find actually works in a painting. In the first hour, I’ll show the ways I try out poses with a live model and simultaneously work to put that person at ease, setting foundations for a weeks- or months-long working relationship that may go through several beginnings before I’ve found my way into a painting. After a break, and for the next two hours, I’ll put students into pairs. They’ll take turns practicing working out poses safely with each other, recording ideas with quick sketches, all the while plundering these studio moments for something we didn’t expect. During the final half hour we’ll come together as a class and talk through the practice we’ve just engaged in, asking how we might take a new chance next time.”

Workshop participants should bring plenty of paper, along with pen and ink. Watercolors, gouache, and other low-toxicity painting materials are optional.  The workshop will be held in the Drawing/Painting Studio of the CCC Art Center, and is free to CCC students currently enrolled in credit classes and open to the general public for a $15 fee.  Space is limited and pre-registration is required. To register, contact Kristin Shauck at 503-338-2472.

Clatsop Community College acknowledges special support for this exhibit and workshop from The Cannery Pier Hotel and Spa.

For more information, please contact Kristin Shauck at 503-338-2472.

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1304_Recovery(Winter) nude horizontal figure; fooy hanging down on right
























1306_Bridge nude figure in athletic pose

















1307_MuscleUp  nude figure using gymnastic rings, side view























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