Meet Elizabeth Fry, 19th Century Prison Reformer

Clatsop Community College Arts & Ideas series presents A Visit with Elizabeth Fry, a costumed, one-woman show featuring Roena Oesting as Elizabeth Gurney Fry, a 19th century prison reformer, Thursday, April 11, 6:00pm, in Columbia Hall, Room 219, 1651 Lexington Avenue, Astoria. The presentation is free and the public is welcome.

Elizabeth Gurney Fry lived from 1780 to 1845. Elizabeth displayed a life-long dedication to the poor. She was heavily involved in reforming the conditions at England’s notorious Newgate Prison, especially the women’s section. She also instigated improvements during the voyage for those being transported to Australia.  Her work with prisoners led to broad reforms in prisons, asylums, hospitals and poor houses throughout England and Europe. She was a strong advocate for education and training programs to provide prisoners with a means of support following their sentences.

Roena Oesting is a former resident of Ocean Park, WA and a part-time instructor at Clatsop Community College. She now lives in southern California. Oesting has been performing the Elizabeth Fry show for the past two years at venues in Oregon, Washington, Rhode Island, Hawaii and California.

Please direct inquiries to:  Patricia Warren, 503-338-2306.

Attached image: Watercolor depicting Elizabeth Fry

Water color depicting Elizabeth Fry

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