The Mathematics of Timekeeping: Are you ready for 2012?

Does the Mayan calendar really predict the end of the world on December 22, 2012? The structure of the Mayan calendar is only one of the topics that Mathematics Instructor Rich Beveridge will address in his talk, "Calendrics - the mathematics of timekeeping."

He will also talk about luni-solar calendars that try to reconcile the phases of the moon with the seasons of the sun as well as the politics of calendar-making in ancient Rome.

The problem of keeping a calendar that is true to the cycles of the sun and moon is one that has challenged many civilizations. Even our own calendar that we take for granted has little-known features that keep it in sync with the seasons.

Some advanced mathematics will be introduced, but mostly the discussion will focus on basic ideas of counting days and cycles of time. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend as the presentation is designed to be accessible to the general public.

Rich Beverage has been a Math Instructor at Clatsop Community College since 2004. He holds a BA in French from the University of Virginia, a MEd from Oklahoma City University and BA and MA degrees in Mathematics fro the University of Maine.

This free public presentation will be held Tuesday May 22nd, 2012 from Noon - 1:00 p.m. in Columbia Hall Room 219 at Clatsop Community college, 1651 Lexington Avenue, Astoria.

For more information about this event please contact: Rich Beveridge at 503-338-2332.


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