Graphics: on the Edge at CCC Art Center Gallery

Graphics: on the Edge, an exhibition of graphic design, brings together a variety of historic and contemporary graphic design work with some connection to the river and coast. 

It includes work from the area, about the area, made by designers working in the area and from collections housed in the area. The graphic design work combines image and text to communicate ideas: advertising, event promotion, communication of information and artistic expression.  Much of the work is understood not only in terms of visual elements, such as typography and color, but also in terms of social impact, such as the change it produces in the audience.

Work in the exhibition includes: Ocean liner posters from the early 20th Century from the Clemson Prints and Posters Collection of the Columbia River Maritime Museum; United States Shipping Board posters from WWI and WWII; Covers from the HIPFiSH Monthly and pages from the North Coast Times Eagle newspaper; Book cover designs by graphic designer Jacob Covey; Gillnet boat documentation produced by the Columbia River boat documentation team; Graphic design works by Tiffany Estes, Robert Wilson, Rich Ewing, David Myers, and Jamie Boyd; and Artistic work by graphic designers Ben Burch, Ulana Zahajkewycz, and David Brandt, and David Homer.

Exhibition Dates:
12 January–16 February, 2012

Opening Reception
Thursday 12 January, 6:00pm

Clatsop Community College Art Center Gallery
Gallery Hours: Mon–Fri, 9:00am–5:00pm

Please direct inquiries to: Lucien Swerdloff, 503-338-2301

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution. ADA accessible: for other accommodations call 503-338-2474; TDD 503-338-2468 at least 24 hours in advance of the event.

Image1: Cunard Poster, from the Columbia River Maritime Museum's Clemson Prints and Posters Collection:


Early 20th center ocean liner poster; Cunard Line.


Image 2: Book cover design by Jacob Covey:


Book cover designed by Jacob Covey for "500 Portraits"

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