Congratulations To This Year’s CCC Graduates

The 51st annual Clatsop Community College commencement ceremony was held on Friday, June 10th, 2011 at the Liberty Theater in Astoria.

The commencement speaker for the evening was LEKTRO CEO, Eric Paulson.

Departmental awards were given to Dale Espelund, Cynthia Challis, Brian Nice, Matthew Carter, Serena Orwick, Catherine Ahlin, K. Danielle Miller, John Edwards and Michael Schumacher.

The Instructional Council award—presented to an Associate Degree candidate with a cumulative grade point average of 4.0.—was given to Ariah Christine Dwyer.

CCC’s 2011 Outstanding Student Scholars, Heidi Roberts and John Edwards, were also announced and served as Marshals for the commencement ceremony.

Clatsop Community College congratulates this year’s graduates:
Jared Acuña, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Chelsea Backlin, AAOT, Honors, Clatskanie, OR
Lawrence Baker, AAOT, Rosburg, WA+
Amanda Birch, AS/OT-Bus, High Honors, Long Beach, WA+
Ingrid Boettcher, AAS, Nursing, Astoria, OR
Katelyn Bogh, AAOT, Astoria, OR
William Bridgeman, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Kristen Burdick, AAS, Nursing, Redmond, OR
Matthew Carter, AAS, Criminal Justice, Astoria, OR
Amber Caruthers, AAS, Nursing, High Honors, Astoria, OR+
Cynthia Challis, AGS, High Honors, Long Beach, WA+
Trista Churchill, AAOT, High Honors, Seaside, OR
Joshua Conklin, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Janine Dean, AAOT, High Honors, Warrenton, OR+
Stephanie Doughty, AAOT, High Honors, Hammond, OR+
Irene Drage, AAOT, Honors, Astoria, OR+
Ariah Christine Dwyer, AGS, High Honors, Astoria, OR
John Edwards, AAOT, High Honors, Gearhart, OR
Dale Espelund, AGS, High Honors, Astoria, OR
Alexis Ferguson, AAOT, High Honors, Long Beach, WA
Amanda Fitzgerald, AAS, Criminal Justice, Seaside, OR+
Basca Glasnapp, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Karla Glenn, AAS, Nursing, Long Beach, WA
Silas Goforth, AAOT, Ilwaco, WA
Ashley Goodell, AAS, Nursing, Tillamook, OR
Jacob Graham, AAOT, Honors, Astoria, OR+
Jeffrey Greeley, AGS, Clatskanie, OR
Christopher Gustafson, AAS, Historic Preservation & Restoration, Astoria, OR+
Kory Hamar, AAS, Business: Business Management, Astoria, OR
Kimberly Harper, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Rebecca Hass, AAS, Historic Preservation & Restoration, Astoria, OR
Kayla Heinzman, AAS, Automotive Technician, Astoria, OR
Jeffrey Heinzman, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Corey Herndon, AAS, Criminal Justice, Astoria, OR
Stephanie Hullender, AAS, Nursing, Astoria, OR
Corali Johnson, AGS, Astoria, OR+
Keri Johnson, AGS, Warrenton, OR
Philip Katon, AGS, Honors, Clatskanie, OR+
Kimberly Langmo, AAS, Nursing, Gearhart, OR
Rosemarie Larson, AAS, Nursing, South Bend, WA+
Timothy MacMillan, AAS, Maritime Science: Vessel Operations, Honors, Clatskanie, OR+
David Magee, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Quentin Matthews, AAS, Nursing, Tillamook, OR
Sarah McBride, AAOT, High Honors, Warrenton, OR
Bryce McCall, AGS, Astoria, OR
Mark McGinnis, AAS, Fire Science, Astoria, OR
Justin Miller, AAS, Nursing, Astoria, OR
K. Danielle Miller, AAS, Nursing, High Honors, Astoria, OR+
Matt Mizell, AAS, Historic Preservation & Restoration, Gearhart, OR
Michael Moore, AAOT, Warrenton, OR
Alan Mossman, AAOT, Warrenton, OR
Brian Nice, AAS, Historic Preservation & Restoration, Honors, Astoria, OR
Aaron Nichols, AAS, Fire Science, Astoria, OR
Jonathan Nolan, AAS, Fire Science, Clatskanie, OR
Serena Orwick, AAS, Historic Preservation & Restoration, High Honors, Astoria, OR
Shawna Peterson, AAS, Nursing, Astoria, OR
Tanya Pierce, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Kevin Pitts, AAOT, Honors, Astoria, OR+
Frederic Randall, AS/OT-Bus, High Honors, Seaside, OR
Joshua Ray, AAS, Fire Science, Astoria, OR
Kylie Rider, AAS, Nursing, Tillamook, OR
Ian Rittenberg, AGS, Astoria, OR+
Heidi Roberts, AS/OT-Bus, High Honors, Astoria, OR+
Gillian Robertson-Hall, AAS, Nursing, Honors, Astoria, OR
Kelly Roman, AAS, Nursing, Astoria, OR
Michael Ruiz, AAOT, Seaside, OR
Michael Schumacher, AGS, High Honors, Astoria, OR
Breanne Sealy, AGS, Astoria, OR
Don Seybold, AAOT, Seaside, OR+
Josiah Sigler, AAOT, Gearhart, OR
Nicholas Smith, AAOT, High Honors, Astoria, OR+
Han Soderberg, AAS, Nursing, Honors, Astoria, OR
Connie Spicer, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Erin Stevens, AAS, Nursing, Warrenton, OR
Elizabeth Talbert, AGS, Hammond, OR+
Emily Thomas, AAOT, Warrenton, OR
Kayla Thomas, AGS, Warrenton, OR
Christopher Thorne, AAS, Fire Science, High Honors, Astoria, OR
Kailani Tice, AGS, Seaside, OR
David Trujillo, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Brian Van Gundy, AAOT, High Honors, Astoria, OR
Amanda Van Stane, AAS, Nursing, Astoria, OR
Kayleen Vandecoevering, AAOT, Garibaldi, OR+
Krista Varner, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Thomas Werner, AAS, Criminal Justice, Long Beach, WA
Audrey Williams, AAOT, Astoria, OR
Brandon Williams, AAS, Fire Science, Warrenton, OR
Larisa Zimmerman, AAS, Historic Preservation & Restoration, High Honors, Portland, OR

Janay Abrego, Medical Assistant, Astoria, OR
Catherine Ahlin, Medical Assistant, High Honors, Long Beach, WA
Lydia Beebe, Maritime Science: Seamanship, High Honors, Portland, OR
Nicole Blanton, Medical Assistant, Honors, Astoria, OR
Ashley Bletscher, Medical Assistant, Honors, Seaside, OR
Stephanie Chesnut, Medical Assistant, Gearhart, OR
Raelyn Crayne, Medical Assistant, Astoria, OR
Stefanie Day, Medical Assistant, Seaside, OR
Adrianne Douma, Medical Assistant and General Office, Westport, OR+
Ashlee Dugan, Medical Assistant, Astoria, OR
Dale Espelund, Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD), High Honors, Astoria, OR
Julie Frost, Medical Assistant, Honors, Astoria, OR
Kelli Fulton, Medical Assistant, Hammond, OR
Leeann Gray, Early Childhood Education, Seaview, WA
Tesa Green, Medical Assistant, Warrenton, OR
Hayley Gustafson, Automotive Technician, Astoria, OR
Kory Hamar, Retail Management, Astoria, OR
Charlotte Heard, Medical Assistant, Honors, Astoria, OR+
Corali Johnson, Medical Assistant, Astoria, OR+
Robin Magee, Medical Assistant, Astoria, OR
Andrew McCauley, Automotive Technician, Astoria, OR
Jessica Morton, Medical Assistant, Astoria, OR+
Brian Nice, Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD), Honors, Astoria, OR
Alicia Quick, Early Childhood Education, Honors, Astoria, OR
Gillian Robertson-Hall, Practical Nursing, Honors, Astoria, OR
Kristen Saulsbury, Medical Assistant, Honors, Astoria, OR
Michael Schumacher, Welding (American Welding Society Entry Level), High Honors, Astoria, OR
Kevin Sealy, Welding (American Welding Society Entry Level), Astoria, OR
Miranda Shoemaker, Medical Assistant, Long Beach, WA
Darcy Sutfin, Medical Assistant, Honors, Westport, OR+
Taylor Vail, Medical Assistant, High Honors, Warrenton, OR+
Mitchell Zschoche, Automotive Technician, Honors, Astoria, OR

A + symbol after the graduate denotes a Phi Theta Kappa member.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

Male speaker in graduation regalia.

CCC’s 2011 Outstanding Student Scholar John Edwards acted as Marshal at this year’s commencement ceremony at the Liberty Theater on Friday, June 10th, 2011. Photo by David rr Homer.

Theater featuring graduates and guests

Clatsop Community College commencement participants receive recognition after the conferring of degrees and certificates at CCC’s 51st annual commencement ceremony on Friday, June 10th, 2011. Photo by David rr Homer.

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