Clatsop Community College’s Annual Mental Math Challenge Brings Students From Oregon and Washington To Test Math Skills

Clatsop Community College’s annual Mental Math Challenge was held Thursday, May 10th, 2012. During the Challenge, students are asked math questions and have 30 seconds to work out each problem in their heads and write their answers on a piece of paper.

This year, 115 third through eighth grade students from Astoria Middle School, Broadway Middle School, Cannon Beach Elementary, Gearhart Elementary, Hilda Lahti Elementary, Jewell School, Long Beach Elementary, Ocean Park Elementary, Seaside Heights Elementary, and Warrenton Grade School participated. The top three finishers in each grade received prizes. Students also enjoyed refreshments provided by 3 Cups Coffee House. The 2012 Mental Math Challenge was sponsored by Wauna Federal Credit Union.

First, second and third place winners in each grade are as follows:
3rd grade:
1st: Josey Cobb, Warrenton Grade School
2nd: Sam Irwin, Warrenton Grade School
3rd: Madilynn Eichler, Long Beach Elementary

4th  grade:
1st: Tristan Trudell, Long Beach Elementary
2nd: Alex Carper, Long Beach Elementary
3rd: Jacob Nation, Long Beach Elementary

5th grade:
1st: Caitlin Derrey, Long Beach Elementary
2nd: Henry Samuelson, Jewell School
3rd: Nallely Valenzuela, Long Beach Elementary

6th  grade:
1st: Jay Kelly, Long Beach Elementary
2nd: Trent Ramsey, Long Beach Elementary
3rd: Isaac Gray, Astoria Middle School

7th  grade:
1st: Jonathan Williams, Astoria Middle School
2nd: Ole Englund, Astoria Middle School
3rd: Nathan Rushcheinsky, Warrenton Grade School

8th grade/non-algebra:
1st: Erick Moss, Warrenton Grade School
2nd: Jaxson Smith, Jewell School
3rd: Nathan Ortega-Gifford, Hilda Lahti Elementary

8th  grade/algebra:
1st: Enoch Gray, Astoria Middle School
2nd: Elijah Hirsch, Astoria Middle School
3rd: Ashley Fish, Warrenton Grade School

Estimation contest winners:  Jay Kelly (Long Beach Elementary), Henry Samuelson (Jewell School), Tyler Green (Hilda Lahti Elementary)

For more information about CCC’s annual Mental Math Challenge, please contact Jessica Giglio at 503-338-2312.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

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