Clatsop Community College Announces 2014 Information Literacy Award Recipients

Clatsop Community College students Nathan Adamczyk, Liliana Diaz, and Holly Jeffrey have been selected as winners of the annual Information Literacy Award.

The Clatsop Community College library created the award to recognize student understanding and application of information literacy knowledge, otherwise known as research skills: the ability to find, access, and use a variety of information sources; the critical evaluation of information; an understanding of intellectual property; and the ability to appropriately incorporate information into a research paper. This knowledge reflects recursive learning and is acquired over the course of study at Clatsop Community College in multiple courses taught by campus faculty and the college librarian.

Each Spring Term, students submit their best research papers to the college librarian who then evaluates the papers using information literacy criteria. All three students illustrated a grasp of the rapidly evolving world of information, as well as the ability to incorporate authoritative information into their own research.

Nathan Adamczyk is currently pursuing an Associate of Science for Oregon Transfer degree. Liliana Diaz is a pre-Nursing student, and Holly Jeffrey is a second-year student in the Nursing Program. Each student receives $300. Award funds are raised through library coffee sales and through the generosity of Columbia River Roasters. The library sells Thundermuck coffee throughout the year for $1 per cup. Coffee proceeds go directly to the annual Information Literacy Award fund. Coffee is available and the college library is open to all college students and staff, as well as community members. For more information, contact Candice Watkins, Library Director.

Attached Image: 2014 Information Literacy Award Recipients (L-R): Nathan Adamczyk, Liliana Diaz and Holly Jeffrey:

IL Award recipients: Nathan Adamczyk, Liliana Diaz and Holly Jeffrey


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