CCC Winter Term Academic Honors List

Clatsop Community College is proud to announce that the following students have been recognized for their superior academic achievement during Winter Term 2014. The Dean's List recognizes students completing 12 or more graded credits and achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 to 4.0.  Honor Roll status recognizes students completing 12 or more graded credits and achieving a GPA of 3.50 to 3.74. CCC congratulates each of these students.

DEAN’S LIST (3.75-4.0 GPA)

Anthony Battaglia, San Diego, CA

Donald Beitzel, Astoria, OR

Rebecca Bell, Seaside, OR

Kendra Bevers, Astoria, OR

Erin Bravo, Tillamook, OR

Samantha Brawley, Astoria, OR

William Brooks IV, Astoria, OR

Noah Bushing, Seaside, OR

Mary Byes, Warrenton, OR

Matthew Carlson, Astoria, OR

Jeremey Carroll, Astoria, OR

Julie Caster, Warrenton, OR

Brandon Condon, Battle Ground, WA

Rhonda Conrad, Astoria, OR

Michael Corral, Astoria, OR

Breanne Dale, Seaview, WA

Juanita Dehaan, Warrenton, OR

Laura Dow, Warrenton, OR

April Eckhardt, Astoria, OR

Meagan Formica, Warrenton, OR

Elliot Fox, Ilwaco, WA

Francisco Galvan, Ocean Park, WA

Chad Griffiths, Astoria, OR

Nathan Hampton, Astoria, OR

Joachim Hengel, Warrenton, OR

Liesl Henthorn, Astoria, OR

Andrew Hoth, Warrenton, OR

Trenton Jeffery, Hammond, OR

Ellen Jensen, Cannon Beach, OR

Carlie Joy, Warrenton, OR

Carly Keone, Astoria, OR

Wesley Kidd, Lakewood, WA

Brandon Knight, Battle Ground, WA

David Kosta, Tillamook, OR

David Magone, Longview, WA

Gael Marin, Astoria, OR

Jacquelyn Marincovich, Astoria, OR

Parker MccCarthy, Seaside, OR

Raylene McGuire, Westport, OR

Elizabeth McMaster, Astoria, OR

Elijah Morita-Dudoit, Astoria, OR

Mariah Norberg, Astoria, OR

Karen Norman, Astoria, OR

Zachary Parker, Astoria, OR

Maria Pedraza Fraga, Cannon Beach, OR

Andrew Peitsch, Astoria, OR

Jeffrey Peterson, Astoria, OR

Ashley Pettey, Long Beach, WA

Andy Posey, Astoria, OR

Raymond Quintana, Astoria, OR

Ryan Reynolds, Astoria, OR

Katherine Ryding, Eugene, OR

Emily Saari, Rosburg, WA

Robert Schmidt, Ocean Park, WA

Peter Scruggs, Warrenton, OR

Laura Snyder, Astoria, OR

Lindsay St. Clair, Ocean Park, WA

Angela Stacey, Astoria, OR

Michele Steiner, Astoria, OR

Thomas Stucki, Chinook, WA

Virginia Thomas, Astoria, OR

Heidi Thompson, Astoria, OR

Allison Todd, Naselle, WA

Margarita Wagner, Astoria, OR

Jason Wallis, Seaside, OR

Kesley White, Astoria, OR

Cara Wideman-Bisbee, Warrenton, OR

Douglas Wilcox, Astoria, OR

Lori Wilcox, Astoria, OR

Megan Wright, Gearhart, OR


HONOR ROLL (3.50-3.74 GPA)

Jaryd Atkins, Astoria, OR

Jessica Blair, Astoria, OR

Nicole Bogh, Astoria, OR

Shawn Byrd, Warrenton, OR

Kevin Chan, Astoria, OR

Robert Eaton, Naselle, WA

Kiri Fabela, Warrenton, OR

Ashley Fells, Astoria, OR

Tanya Gauthier, Astoria, OR

Carlos Gomez, Astoria, OR

Howard Halverson, Astoria, OR

Jessica Helligso, Astoria, OR

Richard Hiebert, Astoria, OR

Brian Houghton Jr., Astoria, OR

Ella Hughes, Seaside, OR

Winston Johnson, Astoria, OR

Victoria Lindgren, Astoria, OR

Justin Litwin, Astoria, OR

Cody Luck, Astoria, OR

Makenzie Matthews, Rosburg, WA

Loretta Maxwell, Astoria, OR

Hanna McNiel, Warrenton, OR

Joshua Mendenhall, Astoria, OR

Laura Meza, Long Beach, WA

Hugo Oros Alvarez, Seaside, OR

Erinn Reimann, Rosburg, WA

Anna Rinearson, Ocean Park, WA

Anthony Rudolfi, Astoria, OR

Kimberly Sultan, Astoria, OR

Dustin Thomas, Astoria, OR

Johnnie Thomas, Astoria, OR

Carol White, Tillamook, OR

Tina White, Astoria, OR

Ronnie Wilson, Warrenton, OR

Calvin Zimmerman, Grays River, WA


For information, contact Chris Ousley, 503-338-2326.

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