CCC Students Recognized for Information Literacy

Clatsop Community College students Rhonda Conrad, Chad Griffiths, and Joshua Young were selected as winners of the first-ever Information Literacy Prize.

The CCC Dora Badollet Library sponsored the contest which was open to all students. Students submitted papers to the Library Director who then evaluated the papers using Information Literacy criteria. Student papers were judged on an understanding of intellectual property; the use of a variety of sources; the evaluation of sources; and the incorporation of sources into a research paper. All three students illustrated a grasp of the rapidly evolving world of information, as well as the ability to incorporate authoritative information into their own research.

Rhonda Conrad is a first-year Nursing student and both Chad Griffiths and Joshua Young are Associate of Arts for Oregon Transfer (AAOT) students. Young is set to graduate in June. Each student earned a $300 cash award. The funds were raised through library coffee sales and through the generosity of Columbia River Roasters and Clatsop Community College’s Associated Student Government. Each organization provided resources to help start and sustain the Library’s coffee fund. The Information Literacy prize will be offered on an annual basis.

Please direct inquiries to:  Candice Watkins.

Attached image: 2013 Information Literacy Prize recipients (L to R):  Rhonda Conrad, Chad Griffiths and Joshua Young.

IL prize winners: Rhonda conrad, Chad Griffiths & Joshua Young in the CCC Library


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