CCC Student Art Featured During Winter Chorale Program

Clatsop Community College students enrolled in both sections of the fall term Basic Design classes taught by CCC Art Instructor Kristin Shauck created two large-scale banners that were featured during the North Coast Chorale Winter Concert that took place on Saturday and Sunday, December 21st and 22nd. 

The fall term Basic Design course includes an overview of color theory and the principles of design in addition to a major experiential learning project aimed at promoting dialogue between faculty, students, and community members.  This collaborative interdisciplinary art project is designed to provide students with a meaningful fine arts learning experience beyond the classroom and intended to serve the community creatively.  For this particular project, each class chose a theme to complement the musical selections for each half of the winter concert program. 

The first half of the concert included the popular choral piece composed by Benjamin Britten, inspired by a collection of poems called The English Galaxy of Shorter Poems written in Middle English.  This series of carols begins and ends with the Gregorian antiphon Hodie Christus natus est. Due to the Medieval flavor of the musical selections in the first half of the concert, the students in the Tuesday/Thursday section chose a Medieval theme for their banner.  Basic Design student Star Gallant describes the creative process in designing the banner:  “Our class researched the medieval era artwork and used our research for inspiration. We discovered that Noel is an old French word for the Christmas season.  We all learned to work together and help each other throughout creative process. In many ways, the creative process was in tune with the season.” 

Ron Foss, also enrolled in the Tuesday/Thursday section, explains how the collaborative process helped to build friendships: “The class project, the mural, has created bonds with fellow students and teacher that will last a lifetime…..each student produced a creative work of art that is unique, pretty and, of course, seasonal.  I think, the mural offers many different eye catching images of this era.  The color, style, and variety display individual creative thinking and talent.”

Students contributing to the Medieval-style mural included: Ron Foss, Jose Sosa, Dominic Vargas, Marcus Cox, Eric Buckner, Sean Thurston, Kelsey White, Erin Fenison, Alisa Freund, Starla Gallant, Adam Dean, Moira Ferry, Ligia Zell and James Egler.

The second half of the concert featured music that was popular in the 1940s during the war years, which was strongly influenced by jazz.  The students in the Monday/Wednesday section researched the connection between Jazz and modern art, and discovered that the relationship between these two art forms inspired some of the most dynamic and important art of the 20th century. Mary Byes, a student enrolled in the Monday/Wednesday class, realized that two of the key concepts in both jazz and art of this period are rhythm and improvisation.   “I discovered that they both have a rhythm,” Mary explains.  “Sometimes that rhythm is quick as in the beat of the music or the way the lines flow on the paper. My favorite part of this process was the use of improvisation. In jazz, a musician will take the piece of music they are playing and put their own sound to it. In this mural we used improvisation by switching panels with a classmate so we could put our touch on their work. I am now aware of how much time and effort is put into a project of this size. Being part of piecing together the panels and making sure they all fit together was a wonderful experience.” 

Basic Design student Adam Dean sums up his experience with this project by saying, “I am totally stoked to be part of this project, because I love vocal music.  In fact, I never make pizza without listening to it.  I hope that our mural fills the members of the chorale with holiday cheer, and inspires them to give their greatest performance. “

Students contributing to the jazz-style mural included: Thomas Bowen, Kerri Buckley, Mary Byes, Connor Clark, Brandon Condon, Cody Fox, Natasha George, Hannah Gilliland, Hannah Hatfield, Tinamarie Legerquist, Charles Lane, Caroline Meyer, Corwyn Prichard, Thomas Receconi, Jessica Surber, Noah Swerdloff, Cara Wideman-Bisbee and Samantha Wright.

Both murals will be displayed on the CCC campus, although the Medieval mural will be brought out only for the holiday season, and both murals may be featured again in future North Coast Chorale performances.  

Please direct inquiries to:  Kristin Shauck, 503-338-2472.

Attached images:

  1. Jazz Mural
  2. Medieval Mural

Jazz-inspired mural composed of multiple panels



















Medieval-inspired multiple panel mural

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