CCC Math Program Equals Student Success

The Math Program at CCC is nurturing student success on several fronts.

Results recently released by the Oregon University System (OUS) for 2008-2009 documents that students who transferred from CCC achieved a higher GPA in math than students transferring from other community colleges, OUS continuing students and first-time OUS freshmen. CCC transfer-students also excelled in science and English composition compared to other institutions.

Developmental math students at CCC today are benefiting from an innovative program of individualized study. The computerized math software system (ALEKS) allows students to complete a diagnostic test and undertake a math study plan that includes only the specific math concepts to be mastered by the individual student. Tutorials, video lectures, homework and testing are delivered online, and students also have access to assistance from instructors and tutors during lab hours providing appropriate and timely intervention. Students will demonstrate mastery of each module through a paper-and-pencil final exam before proceeding to the next level.

Use of the ALEKS system provides students to move at a pace that is appropriate to their background and skills, providing them with flexibility to meet their academic goals.

Students enrolled in CCC’s new modular course say,

“I’m proud of myself. I’m 46 and I’m finally learning math.”

“I used to hate math but now I do it before any of my other homework.”

For more information about the CCC Math Program and/or the ALEKS system, please email Liz Hylton or call 503-338-2507.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

Room with people at computers

CCC Math Instructor TJ Lackner assists students working individually in the Towler Hall Math Lab using the ALEKS system.

Room with people at computers.

CCC Math Instructor TJ Lackner and Math Lab Instructor Assistant Mary Hill assist students working individually in the Towler Hall Math Lab using the ALEKS system.

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