CCC Art Center Gallery Hosts Ceramics Exhibition and Workshops

Clatsop Community College is pleased to announce an upcoming visual arts exhibit titled “University of Puget Sound Alumni Ceramics Exhibition” featuring work from graduates of the University of Puget Sound from the early 1970's through the present. Reid Ozaki, Ceramic Artist and Instructor at Tacoma Community College, who holds a BA in Biology and MFA from the University of Puget Sound, curated the exhibition.

Invited artists include Matt Allison, Rob Beishline, Kenny Bell, John Benn, James Brooke, Tad Deming, Ralph Esposito, Kirk Freeman, Robert Foreman, Colleen Gallagher, Rosette Gault, John Hasegawa, Rob Jackson, Kim Lyle, Rick Mahaffey, Erin McCoy, Reid Ozaki, Geoffrey Pagen, Dan Schmitt, Jill Smith, Ken Stevens, Comador Stewart, Kaaren Stoner, Miles Struxness, Mike Topolski, William Vogler, and Jim White. Richard Rowland, CCC ceramics instructor, is the exhibition organizer.

Work will be on display from April 3 to May 8, 2014 in CCC’s Art Center Gallery, 1799 Lexington Ave, Astoria, Oregon, with an opening reception on April 3 at 6:00 pm, which is free and open to the public.  Several of the artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be provided.

In addition to the exhibit, CCC will host two workshops in the CCC Art Center.  A Ceramic Workshop with Reid Ozaki will be held on Friday, May 9 from 10AM to 4:00PM and a Ceramic Workshop with Colleen Gallagher will take place on April 4 from 10AM to 4PM. Both workshops will be held in the Ceramics Studio in the CCC Art Center .  Contact Richard Rowland at or 503-338-2449 for information and registration. Seating is limited. Workshops are free and open to the public.

An article in the Spring 2013 issue of “Arches”, the alumni magazine of the University of Puget Sound, reminisced about the UPS Ceramics program and featured some of the alumni active in the Northwest today.

Members of the exhibition’s organizing committee that included Matt Allison, John Benn, Colleen Gallagher, Reid Ozaki, and Miles Struxness, commented,  “It occurred to some of us involved in the article, that there are many other graduates of the program throughout the country doing fine work and that it might be interesting and timely to reconnect.  We have contacted as many fellow graduates as we could think of.  We have followed up on all subsequent suggestions for people to add.  What we have collected for this exhibition is a wide spectrum of work produced by a group with equally diverse career paths.  Within this group, there are the studio potters and there are those who have been involved in teaching Art and ceramics; some have combined the two.  There are those who have chosen careers in other fields yet find themselves drawn back to the medium.  We all share a foundation in clay that has served us well in the years since we first decided clay was our passion. We wish to thank Richard Rowland and Clatsop Community College for offering the college gallery for this exhibition.”

“There is a continuous break down of cultural lineage in the traditional Arts, but these artists persist, taking customary practice to a hybrid search for practicality,” says Richard Rowland, CCC Art Instructor and exhibition organizer.

Additional information regarding the participating artists and their work can be found at the Art Center Gallery webpage.

Direct inquiries to: Richard Rowland, 503-338-2449.


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