CCC Announces 2013/2014 Scholarship Recipients

Clatsop Community College is pleased to announce the scholarship recipients for the 2013/2014 academic year. The following students will receive named scholarships made possible by the Clatsop Community College Foundation and other private donors totaling more than $75,000. In addition, the CCC Foundation and the College will distribute $108,825 to 126 incoming and continuing students in the form of Clatsop Community College Success and Opportunity Grants. Additional scholarships may be awarded as funds become available during the year.

Scholarships fill a critical need and help students progress and complete their certificate, degree or workforce training to achieve their educational and career goals. With reduced state support for community colleges, rising tuition, and new restrictions on federal financial aid, locally generated scholarship funds are increasingly important. If you are interested in creating a scholarship fund at the CCC Foundation to nurture student and community success, please contact Patricia Warren at 503-338-2306.

Betsy Brenden, Columbia Memorial Hospital Scholarship, $1,020
William Brooks, John Newton Memorial Scholarship, $200
William Brooks, Allan & Marie Gann Maritime Scholarship, $500
Jeremey Carroll, Dwight Holland Memorial Scholarship, $453
Pamela Chamberlin, Columbia Memorial Hospital Scholarship, $1,020
Pamela Chamberlin, Amelia Kuitert Scholarship, $389
Victoria Clark, AAUW-Seaside Branch Scholarship, $1,000
Shaylyn Connelly, Emmett D. Towler Scholarship, $2,766
Rhonda Conrad, Marie Schultz Scholarship, 1,500
Rhonda Conrad, CMH Auxiliary Member Scholarship, $1,000
Rhonda Conrad, CMH Auxiliary Scholarship, $1,500
Eugene Crist, Funland Entertainment Scholarship, $3,384
Douglas Davis, George Phillips Memorial Scholarship, $1,000
Juanita Dehaan, Emmett D. Towler Scholarship, $2,766
Juanita Dehaan, Judy Hogan for the Arts Scholarship, $1,055
Holly Eckhardt, Emmett D. Towler Scholarship, $2,766
April Eckhardt, Emmett D. Towler Scholarship, $2,766
Bria Frech, ,AAUW-Astoria Branch Scholarship, $500
Francisco Galvan, Betty Gray ECE Scholarship, $600
Shelby Heck, Meredith Fick Memorial Scholarship, $500
Holly Jeffrey, Margaret Howell Scholarship, $500
Holly Jeffrey, Merriam Shawa Nursing Scholarship, $249
Holly Jeffrey, Columbia Memorial Hospital Scholarship, $1,020
Jennifer Jordan, Sue Richardson Memorial Scholarship, $568
Carla Kelly, Megan Samuel Memorial Scholarship, $1,314
Carly Keone, Emmett D. Towler Scholarship, $2,766
Carly Keone, Juan Young Trust Scholarship, $2,000
Jennifer Lacy, Finish Line Fund Scholarship, $2,000
Jennifer Lacy, Clatsop Care Center Health District Scholarship, $500
Shelby Lofton, AAUW-Astoria Branch Scholarship, $1,500
Gael Marin, Latino Club Scholarship, $150
Gael Marin, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Gael Marin, Juan Young Trust Scholarship, $2,000
Aidet Martinez, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Rolando Martinez, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Rolando Martinez, Latino Club Scholarship, $300
Loretta Maxwell, Emmett D. Towler Scholarship, $2,766
Raylene McGuire, Chet & Edie Hogan Scholarship, $772
Raylene McGuire, Warfield & Elizabeth Martin Scholarship, $840
Meghan McKeown, Betty Gray ECE Scholarship, $600
Trevor Oja, Betty Gray ECE Scholarship, $600
Hugo Oros Alvarez, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Adriana Ortega, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Jose Ortiz, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Jonathan Ortiz, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Maria Pedraza Fraga, George Phillips Memorial Scholarship, $1,000
Maria Pedraza Fraga, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Charide Richardson, Meredith Fick Memorial Scholarship, $500
Norma Sepulveda, CCC Foundation Scholarship, $1,000
Norma Sepulveda, Latino Club Scholarship, $150
Norma Sepulveda, Lower Columbia Hispanic Council Scholarship, $500
Thomas Stewart, Jesse Whitehead Memorial Scholarship, $200
Helen Talbert, Finish Line Fund Scholarship, $3,000
HelenTalbert, Dr. John & Jan Swanson Scholarship, $229
Angela Tucker, CMH Auxiliary Member Scholarship, $1,000
Angela Tucker, CMH Auxiliary Scholarship, $1,500
Angela Tucker, Barbara Knudson Foundation Scholarship, $5,000
Jodi Vollmer, James Hill Memorial Scholarship, $410
Jacquelyn Welborn, Margaret Howell Scholarship, $500
Jacquelyn Welborn, Clatsop Care Center Health District Scholarship, $500
Tina White, WATEC (Waited A While To Enter College) Scholarship, $3,384
Nickolas Williams, Allan & Marie Gann Maritime Scholarship, $500
Abigail Zimmerman, AAUW-Astoria Branch Scholarship $500

Please direct inquiries to: Lloyd Mueller, 503-338-2412.

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