CCC Adds Honors Program to Serve Academically-Prepared Students

Beginning Fall Term 2014, Clatsop Community College will initiate a new Honors Program designed to provide a challenging, enriching, and rewarding educational experience for highly motivated students. The mission of the Clatsop Community College Honors Program is to nurture a community of scholars through rich and challenging academic offerings, research opportunities, leadership experiences, and co-curricular enrichment activities.

Students admitted to the Honors Program will be part of a small group of committed learners during their two years at CCC. Honors students will receive significant benefits from their participation. Students admitted to the Honors Program will be eligible to receive a scholarship of $4,000 annually during their two years at CCC.  Students will also receive personalized advising and will work closely with the Honors Program faculty to develop their research skills. Upon graduation, an “Honors” designation will be placed on their diploma, and honors credits may be transferred to the honors programs of partner four-year schools.

The Honors Program curriculum is transfer-oriented, and includes several rigorous courses open only to Honors students. These courses emphasize critical thinking, independent research, analytical writing, debate, and public presentation. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to receive honors credit for general courses upon completion of additional work assignments. Each honors student will complete a capstone research project in an area of interest. Clatsop Community College anticipates admitting 20 students to the Honors Program in its first year.

Applications to join the 2014/2015 Honors Program are available now and must be completed and returned no later than April 1, 2014 for early consideration. To be eligible, students must be admitted to Clatsop Community College and demonstrate outstanding academic ability with one of the following:

  • High school GPA at least 3.5
  • College GPA at least 3.25 (if 14 or more college credits have been completed)
  • ACT Composite score of at least 25
  • SAT (CR, MTH, WR) at least 1700

“Clatsop Community College is proud to offer this challenging new opportunity for local students and to join the small number of Oregon community colleges that have implemented an honors program,” says CCC President Lawrence Galizio.

Please direct inquiries to: Tom Gill, 503-338-2368.



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