Campus Improvements Underway

Clatsop Community College announces that the State of Oregon has approved final capital construction plans to fully complete the Jerome Campus Redevelopment Project utilizing the remaining funds in this previously approved $4M budget funded through XI-G Bonds.

Final improvements will be accomplished through savings realized to date totaling $229,900 and that are restricted to capital construction within the intent of the original plan.

Specific improvements to be accomplished prior to June 30, 2012 include:

  • The addition of approximately 50 parking spaces on the site currently occupied by the physical plant building. This building will be removed.
  • Installation of nineteen new exterior light pole fixtures along sidewalks and in parking areas.
  • Renovation of shower rooms to support athletic facilities in Patriot Hall and to improve accessibility for students and staff with disabilities.
  • Installation of bark chips and dust to improve landscaping and provide erosion control.
  • Payment of State Project Monitoring and Boli fees.

These improvements were made possible through a series of actions including approval of a Material Change by the Community Colleges and Workforce Development agency, declaration of an emergency by the CCC College Board allowing administrators to proceed quickly to construction and installation, and overall project savings resulting from careful management throughout the entire Jerome Campus Redevelopment Project under the direction of Al Jaques. The full amount of State bond funding approved to support the CCC project will be expended on this project of local significance and will enhance the college for years to come.

“Effective management of the Jerome Campus Redevelopment Project (JCRP) has resulted in the ability to improve both safety and convenience for students at CCC,” notes CCC President Larry Galizio.

Please direct inquiries to:  JoAnn Zahn, 503-338-2421.

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

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