Breaking Down Barriers To Education

Through the CCC Foundation, the CCC Lives in Transition program has received a $10,000 grant from Trust Management Services to further LIT's mission.

For many CCC students, the most common barrier to education is poverty. The LIT program at CCC understands that adult students are frequently faced with difficult choices, such as deciding between paying for medical co-payments, childcare, food, housing, etc. or paying for school expenses. The daily stresses of these decisions prevent many adults from returning to school.

LIT has developed an innovative educational program that directly addresses these issues and serves the specific needs of a broad range of adult learners. In return, students begin to see themselves as valued players in the community, making a critical difference in their lives and ultimately in our community's health. In the words of a recent LIT/CCC graduate:

"It took me seven years to complete my educational goal. I started as a young, single mom. Now I have a degree, a great job and skills to support my two children. A college education breaks the cycle of poverty."

Before the recent economic downturn, the average income for LIT program participants at CCC was about $700-800 per month. Now, for many displaced workers, that income is a dream. With the assistance of the generous grant from Trust Management Services, the LIT program can continue to support that dream.

“The two-year $10,000 grant will help fund LIT's student support services. Funds will be used to partially reimburse childcare expenses, reduce transportation costs, provide emergency funds, and cover unexpected additional school expenses, and support a mentoring/leadership project coordinated by the Rising LITES student club,” said Margaret Frimoth, LIT Coordinator.

TMS, out of Waldport, OR, has been a strong supporter of the Lives in Transition program and several other programs like it around the State.  LIT is grateful for the continuing relationship with TMS.

For more information about the TMS grant and the Lives in Transition program, please email Margaret Frimoth or call 503-338-2378.
Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

Group of seven people.

Representing the CCC Foundation is Gerry Swenson (back left) pictured here with LIT Coordinator Margaret Frimoth (back right) and CCC Lives in Transition students.


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