Ales & Ideas presents Scottish Highland Maritime Culture by CCC’s Dr. Julie Brown, Fulbright Scholar to Dornoch, Scotland

Clatsop Community College and the Fort George Brewery are pleased to announce the May event for Thursday night Ales & Ideas community lectures. On Thursday, May 3rd, CCC is pleased to celebrate Dr. Julie Brown’s recent Fulbright Scholar trip to Scotland, where she studied and compared Astoria's maritime culture with that of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Her presentation will share pictures and stories comparing the two coastal cultures. Doors open with food and beverage service at 6pm. Seasonal beers on tap, food and other beverages are available for purchase, but no purchase is required. Minors are welcome. The Fort George Lovell Showroom is located at 14th and Duane St. in Astoria.

"The men went out in twos and fours to fish in wooden boats--weather permitting, they hauled their catch to the shore where women waiting in canneries butchered, cleaned, and preserved the silver darlings." Sound familiar?  Astoria’s Dr. Brown visited the Scottish Highlands from March 5-23 as a Fulbright Specialist Scholar hosted by the University of the Highlands and Islands Centre for History in Dornoch, Scotland.  She visited universities, museums, and public schools, giving talks on Chinook Indians, Maritime Crime in Astoria, Scandinavian Immigrants, Labor on the Columbia River, The Lady Washington, and Astoria's beloved Fisher Poets Gathering.

 In Dr. Brown’s words, “The west coast of Oregon may be 8000 miles away from the east coast of Scotland, but we are cultural cousins in so many ways: our love for nature and wildlife, our respect for ancient cultures and history, and our ongoing celebration of the values these things shape. I was excited about the opportunity to engage in conversations about the things we hold in common—tides and ships and salmon and ports—and to discover more about ourselves by learning what makes each culture unique."  Her host, Dr. David Worthington, reflects, "It was a pleasure to host Dr.Brown in Dornoch.  She inspired the staff and students she met and contributed extremely positively to the Centre for History while here, working sensitively and with understanding, in terms of all the tasks she was involved in here.  We are very thankful to her." And now, local audiences can also benefit from Dr Brown’s prestigious study abroad. Come learn, enjoy slides, and hear stories about a kindred maritime culture.

Professor Julie Brown teaches a variety of arts and letters classes at CCC, including courses in Literature of the Sea and Maritime Culture.  The author of numerous books, including Writers on the Spectrum: How Autism and Asperger Syndrome have Influenced Literary Writing (Kingsley 2010), she holds an MFA in writing and a PhD in literature and has also pursued post-graduate studies at Oxford and the Sorbonne. Her favorite learning experience has been working as a deckhand aboard the Lady Washington.

Photo: Herring Girls of Scotland


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