Ales & Ideas - LibraryMeme: Transmitting the Power of Libraries through Story

Clatsop Community College and the Fort George Brewery announce the second program of the 2013/2014 Ales & Ideas education series, Thursday, October 24 at 7pm in the Fort George Lovell Showroom. It’s a story about libraries and “us.” Libraries reflect a socially dynamic community and provide a conduit to our past, present, and future. They are a unique institution in our communities and holistically democratic.

How is it, then, that our society has formed a meme - a viral thought pattern - that professional librarians are a disappearing breed? That their positions are expendable in K-12 schools? That they are irrelevant in a time of swiftly changing technology?

And how do librarians form a new meme, one that acknowledges that libraries and librarians are essential to the heart of a modern, global community? How do they weave a tale that reveals the golden thread in the community fabric that is the library?

Please join Candice Watkins for an engaging evening of inquiry.  The Fort George Lovell Showroom is located at 14th and Duane in Astoria. Doors open at 6pm, and the program begins at 7pm.  Seasonal beers on tap, food and other beverages are available for purchase.  Minors are welcome.

CCC Library Director Candice Watkins in the book stacksCandice Watkins is the Library Director at Clatsop Community College, the Vice President/President-Elect of the Oregon Library Association, and the Chair of the Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon (ILAGO). Much of her focus revolves around advocating for libraries. She will discuss how “story” plays an important role in communicating the value of support organizations, like libraries. She’ll use her current collaboration with KMUN radio to illustrate how different community partners and media can be harnessed to effectively tell a story and to proclaim: Libraries are alive, Libraries are essential, and Libraries are YOU!

For additional Ales & Ideas information, contact Nancy Cook, 503-338-2335.

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