2014 Creative Opportunities at CCC Summer Camps

Clatsop Community College will host a series of activity-oriented summer camp experiences that will provide opportunities for in-depth exploration of a variety of technologies, inspire creative expression, and build new skills. The camps are designed primarily for students ages 12 to 18 and will be taught by CCC faculty and staff. All camps will be conducted on the main CCC campus in Astoria. Registration opens May 15. Enroll for an engaging and challenging summer (search under the course title) or call 503-338-2402.

June 23-26 2014, 8:30am-12pm, Ages 12-18; $50

3-D Printing: How do objects get made?  Designers determine how they look and how they work.  3D printers allow us to quickly build prototypes.  Students will develop a concept, design an object, use 3D modeling software to build a model of the object, and use a 3D printer to create it. 

June 30-July 2 2014, 1pm-4:30pm, Ages 12-18; $40

Click! Photography Camp: Explore the world through a camera lens.  This class will focus on how to compose and create great photographs using your digital camera.  You’ll go on location on the Clatsop Community College campus and nearby neighborhoods and trails for photo shoots, and view and discuss your images with other camp participants.  Be sure to bring your digital camera and wear comfortable shoes. 

July 7-10 2014, 8:30am-12pm, Ages 12-18; $100

Building Your Own Computer: Do you want to get into the guts of a computer?  Learn about the inner workings of a computer, how every part works and comes together to make a working PC.  You will use the Internet to design and research the equipment that it takes to build a computer or upgrade an older machine.  You will then assemble a working computer from parts, install an operating system, and get to take your computer home with you.

July 14-17 2014, 8:30am-12pm, Limited to ages 15-18; $50

Web Design: Want to build your very own website from scratch just like the professionals?  You will build web pages, link them to each other to create a website, and ultimately upload them to a web server so that anyone anywhere can view them in their browser.  Logic and programming skills are needed for this.  The class will test your mental discipline, and take you under the covers of mere social networking.  It’s time to get your vision online for the world to see!  

July 21-24 2014, 8:30am-12pm, Ages 12-18, $50

Video Game Design Camp:  Have you ever thought of a video game that does not exist?  Now is the chance to find out how to turn your ideas into an actual game.  Participants will use easy-to-learn software to discover the basics of video game design.  Topics covered will include designing and developing game mechanics, characters, objects, levels, and elements of graphic design all based on the ultra-popular side scrolling adventure game: “Super Mario Bros.”  By the end of the class, each student will have completed their own playable game and have the skills to continue expanding their project on their own even after the class is over. 

Please direct inquiries to: 503-338-2408.




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