100% of 2017 Nursing Program Graduates at Clatsop Community College Pass State Boards

All 15 of the 2017 CCC Nursing Program graduates passed their state boards on their first attempt after completing their associate degrees this past spring. Graduates of the college program take the NXLEX-RN test developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to test essential knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for safe and effective practice of nursing. In addition to the outstanding passing rate, CCC’s nursing program was ranked #1 for the “Best RN Programs in Oregon” by this past year.

The college’s nursing program has consistently excelled and became a partner with the Oregon Consortium of Nursing Education (OCNE) in 2015. Through this curriculum shared by 10 Oregon community colleges and 6 campuses of the OHSU School of Nursing, students receive the most current nursing practices and address the rapidly changing healthcare needs of Oregon’s aging and ethnically diverse populations. Entry into Clatsop’s nursing program is competitive with an admission point system that factors in grade point averages and successful completion of Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology coursework done at CCC before being accepted into the nursing classes. “The education and nursing curriculum you get here is top of the line with shared resources between 16 campuses, including OHSU.  Students get the benefits of a streamlined approach to a bachelor’s degree in nursing, large university resources, but also the benefits of staying local with small classroom sizes and lower tuition at Clatsop Community College, while working and learning in our local hospitals,” stated CCC Director of Nursing and Allied Health, Allison Sansom.

Clatsop Community College accepts 20 students into the nursing program per year each fall term after they successfully complete 45 credits of entry-level classes. These students then spend the next 2 years in lecture and lab settings at the college refining their skills while going through clinical rotations in the local hospitals and health care setting to gain real world experience. By the end of the Associate of Nursing program students have accumulated 900 hours of hands on training perfecting their skills and are eligible to take the licensing exam for registered nursing.

CCC’s partnership with OCNE also improves access for our local nursing students to transfer into a baccalaureate program at OHSU automatically. Students admitted to Clatsop’s nursing program are co-enrolled at OHSU and guaranteed admission to OHSU for completion of a bachelor’s degree, after successful completion of Clatsop’s program, if they choose. With current trends at hospitals in the local areas, as well as across the US, preferring new nursing graduates to have a bachelor’s degree, the ability to complete a BS-RN degree online in one additional year after graduating CCC’s nursing program becomes invaluable.

2017 Graduating Class of the Nursing Program at Clatsop Community College



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