Patriot Hall Redevelopment Project

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Update 9/8/2016

The project is on schedule, with the next concrete pour - the second floor - scheduled for September 9. Once that concrete reaches its required strength, backfilling will begin on the East side of the building.There will be work on the water line the week of the 12th, at the corner of Lexington and 16th.

The lower Library parking lot will be open for parking no later than Monday morning, September 19. There may still be some product stored at the east end from time to time, but the lot will be open.

panarama view on 3rd floor, concrete and trusses

Panorama of the 3rd floor track. Photo below shows view from the track.


Update 7/27/2016

Final truss being lifted into place. Pouring the concrete on the 3rd, then 2nd floor will follow in the next few months.

Steel workers and truss


Update 4/15/2016

Now that our shoring work has been completed, work is progressing on forming and pouring concrete walls on the East and South sides of the site.

In an effort to reduce costs, an alternative plan for the temporary bracing of the new walls was designed. In the photo below you can see the band of rebar being created that allows for concrete blocks to be used as the footing for the braces. Creating this band takes time, so workers will be working longer hours and some Saturdays so the project will remain on schedule.

Our permit to fence part of Jerome Ave. parking and sidewalk for steel storage has been extended to the end of May.


forms and rebar

Update - 2/18/2016

construction workers rebar

Shoring continues on the West end of the site, while construction continues on the East.

In the Southeast corner, the elevator pit area, the wood and plastic on top of the rebar is to provide protection while waterproofing is applied. The large panels that have been constructed on site are forms for constructing concrete walls. They were moved into place this week (photo above) and pouring concrete is scheduled for Monday and Thursday of next week.

We have received approval from the City to close the parking spaces and sidewalk on the south side of Jerome Ave. to stage steel. The closure will begin on Thursday, February 25, and run at least 6 weeks. We felt this was a better option than taking more parking spaces on campus.

Update - 1/7/2016

Our shoring contractor has finished their work and left the site - Big River will continue with excavation, digging footings and utility trenches. Wood has already arrived on site, and rebar will be here next week to prepare for construction of footings.

During the next few weeks work is scheduled for preparation and forming the footings and waterproofing. Work has already begun in the East end of the pit.

Update - 10/30/2015

For the past few weeks, Big River has been excavating the site in preparation of shoring. Condon-Johnson (CJ), P&C's shoring subcontractor, began mobilizing their equipment on-site today. 

The next activity will begin at the bottom of the slopes that are covered and weighted with sandbags. In stages, Big River will begin cutting (almost) straight down, and CJ will be providing shoring to keep the earth in place. This is anticipated to take 35 working days - hopefully less, depending on how many more car-sized boulders we find.

Update - 10/12/2015

Beginning on October 22, traffic patterns will temporarily change around the College.

Excavation will require moving fencing further into Lexington Avenue on campus, and further into 16th Street between Jerome and Lexington for several months. The only access to campus will be from 15th Street to Lexington, then behind Columbia Hall. 16th Street will become one-way going North (downhill). See the attached map for reference. There will be detour and do-not-enter signage that will remain in place until traffic patterns return to normal.

It will be very important for everyone to follow this traffic pattern.

campus map illustrating alternate traffic pattern and one-way flow on 16th


Update - 10/6/2015

While you haven't seen much activity on the site, there is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes - getting bids for various parts of the work (steel, earthwork, electrical, plumbing, shoring, drywall, A/V, and many more), selecting vendors and P&C getting contracts in place.

At this time, we anticipate seeing equipment onsite and beginning excavation next week, the week of October 12. You will see people on the site this week getting utilities ready and planning for excavation and shoring.

Our shoring contractor is scheduled to begin work the week of the October 26th. Before they arrive, tentatively on the 23rd, the fence near P&C's trailer will need to go back to it's original location, taking back 18 parking spaces.  At some point, the site fence will need to move further into Lexington and traffic patterns will change - a map will be produced and available to clearly show these changes before it happens, and we have signage ready to go up. We will have more information after meeting with the subcontractors.

Contact Greg or Ann if you have any questions.

Update - 9/23/2015

Demolition is complete. Over the next few weeks, some utility work will be done for temporary power and subcontractors will be walking the site in preparation of shoring and excavation. There is a wooden stake with a pink flag on it that indicates where the south east corner of the new building will be, a lot of dirt and rock need to be removed. Traffic and parking will not be impacted until shoring and excavation begin, students and staff will be notified well in advance of any changes.

Update - 8/11/2015

With soft demo complete (interior) and exterior site prep well underway, staging heavy equipment on site begins Friday of this week with heavy demo beginning on Monday of next week. Following immediately we will begin demolition of the building’s exterior, beginning on the north east side and moving south. Simultaneously interior bracing with be installed to support the two walls that remain and demolition of the old Patriot Hall gym section will continue moving south to north. It is the goal of this effort to complete major demo by the end of August, followed in September by site excavation and shoring in preparation for footings and foundations to support new construction.     

Update - 7/23/2015

Beginning tomorrow, Friday July 24, the fence around Patriot  will move approximately 8 feet into the street to facilitate demolition. The parking spaces we previously talked about, in front of Columbia to the West, will be blacked out and used as a traffic lane. The loading zone will not be blacked out but will probably also need to be used as part of a lane.

For now, traffic will be both ways in this area, the be aware the buses will probably need extra room where the road will curve in front of Columbia.

With new reports received yesterday, excavation will require the fence eventually moving further into Lexington. We are working with the City and will coordinate with the buses, but eventually Lexington will have to become one-way off campus for a period of time. NOTE - this will NOT happen until we can access 15th street again.

Update -  7/20/2015

Demolition will begin in earnest very soon, currently scheduled to be completed around the end of August.

To maintain traffic flow on Lexington, parking spaces on the North side of Columbia Hall near Patriot will be blocked soon and will remain blocked, off and on, throughout the project.

The temporary connection between upper and lower campus is in place.

Update -  3/12/2015

Hard work by Greg Dorcheus, Ann Gydé, Teena Toyas, Donna Larson, Thom Trusewicz, Tom Gill, the entire Facilities Team and others, has resulted in a plan for temporary- and in the case of some equipment and materials permanent - relocation of courses and functions.

Physical Education:

Yoga and similar classes will be relocated to Towler 309, with all mat and support materials for these courses also being relocated to storage in T309.

Weight Training and similar classes will be moved to Alder Hall, with all support equipment and some lockers located in that same area as space allows. Adjacent Alder Hall restrooms will be used as temporary dressing room space.

Basketball, Volleyball, possibly Tennis and any Fitness testing that requires a full gym space will likely be relocated to the Armory building. This assumes that ongoing talks to establish a manageable cost and scheduling will be successful.

Teena Toyas' Office will be relocated to the current CASE Grant office space on the third floor of Towler.

General Education Classes:

ASL (American Sign Language) is to be relocated to a Towler and/or Columbia Hall classroom as assigned by the Office of Instruction.

CPR and First Aid classes to be relocated to Towler Hall second floor (possibly room T206) or as assigned by the Office of Instruction.

ECE (Early Childhood Education) classes to relocate to Towler and/or Columbia as assigned by the Office of Instruction. 

Operational Functions:

Archival Storage, currently located on Patriot first floor will relocate to Alder Hall.

Encore storage possibly relocated to Alder in the area of Archival Storage.

All other large events such as All Staff In-Service, the End of the Year Event and any others requiring a larger space will be relocated possibly to the PAC, Columbia Hall 219, the MERTS campus or other venues, exact locations to be determined as needed.

Non College functions and outside groups that would have used this space will be accommodated in other locations yet to be determined whenever possible and/or advised of our temporary inability to do so as required.

If you have questions/concerns, please direct them to Greg Dorcheus or Donna Larson in Academic Affairs (Instruction).

Update -  3/4/2015

Patriot Hall was dedicated to the soldiers of all wars on November 11, 1921. The historic plaque unveiled on that date has been removed for cleaning, restoration and safe-keeping.

The first phase of this work was recently completed by high school student Matthew Cox, for his Senior Project IN addition to this hands-on work, he produced a research paper about the history of the plaque.

Follow this link for the full text of this research paper.

Update -  2/13/2015

Our Project Team of Greg Dorcheus and Ann Gyde met with SRG, P&C, Al Jaques - our consultant, and the consultants working on structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting, acoustics and landscaping elements of the project on February 4th in Portland.  At least 50% of design and development documentation has/will be complete very soon, and they are anticipating 100% of this detailed work to be complete in mid-March.  This work focuses on "constructability", and preliminary cost estimates.

Our Project Team has scheduled the required HAZMAT study update to the 2009 work that was done. It has been conveniently scheduled for February 16th to prevent disruption to our operations on the Lexington Campus.

On what is certainly a related note, we had a successful General Obligation (GO) Bond Sale on February 11th.  There were eight bids for the GO Bonds Series 2015 for $8.2M based on our successful Clatsop County Measure from the November Election.  A Canadian firm, BMO Capital Markets had the winning bid.  We will be signing the official documents on February 24th.

While we're still waiting for the absolute net proceeds from the sale, it appears that we may have a bit more than $8.2M from the sale, as BMO Capital's bid included a premium above the $8.2M.

Update -  1/29/2015

Clatsop Community College is pleased to announce that it has selected P&C Construction as the Construction Manager/General Contractor for the Patriot Hall Redevelopment Project. Upon completion of contact negotiations, P&C Construction, along with the project architect SRG Partnership, Inc., will move quickly into demolition and construction slated to begin in summer 2015. The Patriot Hall Redevelopment Project is estimated to be complete by fall 2016.

P&C Construction was founded in the Portland area in 1961. Their focus markets include higher education, K-12, historic renovation, athletic facilities, healthcare, and civic and community buildings. The company has extensive experience with projects along the Oregon coast including the construction of Columbia Hall and the renovation of Towler Hall on the Clatsop Community College campus, the Health and Wellness Pavilion for Columbia Memorial Hospital, CMH Field for Astoria School District, the Astoria City Hall renovation and Astoria Public Safety Facility improvements. As general contractor for the CCC Jerome Campus Redevelopment Project, P&C Construction worked side-by-side with SRG Partnership, Inc. to complete the project on-time and under budget.

Update -  1/12/2015

We’ve had a productive week and continue to work on Design Development for the PHRP. Staff met with Gary Danielson from SRG on Wednesday 1/ 7 and discussed several points of interest in design and it is expected that 50% completion of this portion of the Project is on schedule for 1/29/2015.

Staff also met with City of Astoria and Clatsop County building officials on Wednesday 1/7 to review design to date and to discuss particulars as it pertains to design review, permitting, and pending construction.

CCC continues to move forward to develop the needed criteria for moving out of Patriot Hall and vacating that site in late June 2015. I met with the Office of Instruction and Physical Education faculty during the past week. Project staff toured Alder Hall as a tentative location for some physical education programs and found what we believe to be a suitable and alternative location for the college weight room facilities and further cost and fact finding efforts for that are ongoing. Staff have also identified space within Towler Hall to accommodate other PE classes and  will be coordinating with outside venues for the limited use of gym space as needed.

Efforts to clean and clear Alder Hall for the use of alternative swing space and storage is ongoing and staff continue to inventory and prepare for staged moves out of Patriot.

CCC is scheduling advanced site work on the Patriot Hall site and you will see utility locate personnel on site in the weeks to come as well as the relevant markings to the west of that building and possibly in to16th street.

Update - 12/9/2014

The Clatsop Community College Board of Directors adopted Resolution No. 2014-15-03 authorizing the issuance of a Request for Proposals for Construction Manager/General Contractor services for the next phase of the Patriot Hall Redevelopment Project.

The Clatsop Community College Board of Directors adopted Resolution No. 2014-15-04 authorizing the issuance and sale of one or more series of general obligation bonds in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $8,200,000, and related matters.


Thank you Clatsop County!

On November 4, 2014, Clatsop County voters passed a district-wide bond measure (4-176) approving up to $8.2-million to support the Redevelopment of Patriot Hall. This funding provides the required local match that releases $7.99-million in State funds to support this project.

Final official results were:

Yes 7,020  58.47%; No 4,986  41.53%


1940's era girls gym class posing with gym equipment and climbing ropesWhat will the project accomplish?

1. Increases structural, seismic, energy efficiency, and safety components. Patriot Hall will again be fully usable (currently 25% is deemed unusable due to fire and life-safety requirements).

2. Rebuilds instructional space to support new paramedic, mental health and drug & alcohol worker training as well as other credit, job training and community education offerings.

3. Creates additional space for Veteran support service programs and other student programs and activities.

4. Strengthens a vital link in building and campus accessibility.

5. Provides active learning and wellness resources for students and community members, including a gym with bleacher seating and the region’s only indoor running track.

6. Redevelops a centerpiece building on the CCC campus and renews the community’s 1921 promise to “honor the soldiers of all wars”.

SRG Artist Concept Drawings of Patriot Hall

  students in classroom  Patriot hall artist rendering artist rendering students in gym

first floor floorplan Second floor floorplan third floor floorplan

Click on an image above to open a high-resolution image


For Project Information contact:

Download an informational flyer here (.pdf, 739KB). In order to view this document (.pdf) you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.


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