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Welcome to Clatsop Community College!

The 2017-2018 academic year is an excellent time to explore all that CCC has to offer. Our programs provide opportunities to develop your critical thinking and problem solving abilities; they can provide you the skills to help prepare you for a career while at the same time providing you a strong foundation to continue your education. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to offering rigorous academic experiences that will provide challenges to spur you academic and personal growth.

We are a college that values our commitment to serving students, that trait is a defining characteristic of our campus culture and continues to drive us as we seek innovative ways to teach and learn with our students.

The newly completed Patriot Hall on our Lexington Avenue Campus offers us opportunities to be innovative by expanding current curricula as well as investigating new programs and experiences that our students and community members can take advantage of. Our South County Campus in Seaside continues to seek ways to serve our citizens by providing programing and opportunities focused on the economic needs of our community through the great work of our Small Business Development Center. At our MERTS campus we are working on the newest programmatic addition to CCC developing the Qualified Member of the Engine Department program. QMED provides another pathway to a career in the maritime industry, an industry that is vital to the economic health of our region and the nation.  

This is my second year as President at Clatsop and I am so excited for you to be part of our family.  This is an amazing institution and I encourage you to get involved in all that CCC has to offer, not only the academic experiences, but also the service opportunities and social activities that make this a truly special college. Be part of the CCC family and find out how you can make a difference by discovering what passions drive you forward and see where the journey takes you. I look forward to seeing you on campus this year.

Chris Breitmeyer 












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