Core Values

As a community and as individuals, we are committed to upholding these Core Values as we work together in service to the Vision and Mission of Clatsop Community College.

Respect individuals and their contributions; be constructive with words and actions; provide constant encouragement in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding; exhibit interpersonal trust; find virtue in work.

Seek truth and feedback; listen; have open, transparent communication; pursue common goals; encourage universal participation; strive for a “just society.”

Maintain a sense of humor while remaining serious about our mission; emphasize self-expression; show initiative; have faith in new beginnings; be open to change.

Encourage global citizenship; affirm and respect individual human potential; appreciate differences; be inclusive.

Provide a safe and reliable learning environment in which we strive to be ethical, honest, and disciplined; have and demonstrate pride.

Last Reviewed: July 2018


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July 31, 2018, 2:06 pm
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