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Fire in FRRC galley

Funding for this exciting project was made through a Congressional appropriation secured through the diligent efforts of Congressman David Wu. The funding appropriation was facilitated by a grant through the US Office of Naval Research. The preliminary design and the business plan were funded by the Economic Development Administration. This state-of-the-art training facility offers US Coast Guard (USCG) approved basic, advanced, combined and tank barge firefighting courses; training and certification in shipboard fire training. The facility puts CCC’s Maritime Department on the national map as one of the most comprehensive training centers for all levels of professional mariners. A true one-stop center for marine education, training and research.

Basic Marine Fire Fighting is a two-day USCG-approved course that meets international standards and includes the theory of fire, fire prevention principles, fire detection systems, self-contained breathing apparatus, search, rescue emergency egress and live fire fighting. Basic/Advanced Marine Fire Fighting is a five-day USCG-approved course that meets all requirements for basic/advanced fire fighting. Course elements include those of Basic Fire Fighting, plus stowage and handling of hazardous materials, fire-fighting effects on ship stability, incident command systems (ICS) fire fighting in port, team training and complex live fire fighting scenarios.

Bunk fire in FRRC

Project Summary
The Fire Response and Research Center was designed and built to function as an all-weather, year-round facility. The FRRC is a 8,000 square-foot building containing multiple levels and passageways to provide a diverse range of fire fighting training scenarios in enclosed spaces. A wide range of computer-controlled live burn props fueled by natural gas provides trainees with hands-on experience in fighting the types of fires commonly encountered on vessels, while providing virtually instantaneous shutdown capability for safety. The FRRC also provides a training facility for land-based fire fighters from the regional area and beyond. Floors consist of a metal deck with lightweight concrete fill in the burn rooms to protect the structure. All burn rooms are lined with high temperature lining for protection of the structure as well.

Project funding is via a federal grant facilitated by the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR), the center will additionally serve as a research test-bed for ONR.

For more information contact Kurt Donaldson, Fire Science Instructor, at 503-338-7650 or by email to Kurt Donaldson


Fire Response & Research Center at MERTS

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