College Refinance Savings Passed on to Taxpayers

While you may not see a huge change on your property tax bill next year, there will be a savings district-wide in Clatsop County. Clatsop Community College signed documents this past Tuesday, July 19th, authorizing the refinancing on the general obligation bond (GO bond) that was passed by Clatsop County voters in 2009 for $5 million dollars to fund improvements and new construction of Towler and Columbia Halls at the college.

Children’s Book Drive hosted by Clatsop Community College Library

Help promote college attainment (and overall school readiness) by getting books into the hands of local youth that are future CCC graduates!  Let’s collect and distribute as many books as we can into the hands of our student’s children.

The CCC Library will be collecting children’s books all summer long. The library will make the books freely available for students to take home to their families starting Fall term 2016.


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